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Alumni Services
Description of library resources and services available to UNCG alumni.
Pages & more information related to Alumni Services
Keywords: alumni, resources, services

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Assignment Calculator
Calculator to assist with scheduling and finding subject-specific resources for assignments.
Pages & more information related to Assignment Calculator
Keywords: assignment, calculator, resources

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Links to bookmarklets of various library resources.
Pages & more information related to Bookmarklets
Keywords: bookmarklets, bookmarks, resources, distance education, de

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Digital Media Lab
Information on services available in the digital media lab.
Pages & more information related to Digital Media Lab
Keywords: digital, media lab, scanning, photoshop, services, resources, spaces

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Faculty Research Support
List of resources offered to faculty to aid in research and instruction.
Pages & more information related to Faculty Research Support
Keywords: faculty, resources, research

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Undergraduate Research Award
Award recognizing an outstanding undergraduate research project.
Pages & more information related to Undergraduate Research Award
Keywords: research, award, project, resources

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