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1920 to 1929

The 1920s was a time for exceptional growth at the College, namely in respect to the buildings and grounds. Many of the familiar landmarks of today such as the Quad dormitories, Aycock Auditorium, Brown Building, the first Chancellor's Residence, and Rosenthal Gymnasium, were constructed during this decade. Many of these were not only beneficial for the students' education, but represented the top-class facilities of that kind in the nation. For example, Rosenthal's indoor pool was a rarity at that point in time, and Aycock Auditorium continues to host world famous talents and events.

The College continued to make significant strides in the quality of education as well. It was also during this decade that the school received accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Schools of Music and Education were formed, as well as a library science program. The College also awarded its first masters degree in 1922. Although the College did experience one setback - the loss of the original Curry Building to a fire - it did little to slow the momentum of the "Roaring Twenties."


1921 - Accredited as a standard college by The Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools