Making a Difference, Friends of the UNCG Libraries

The Friends of the UNCG Libraries play a big role in UNCG's efforts to build a strong relationship with the community as well as strong collections, services and facilities. By organizing community efforts on behalf of the Library, by increasing community patronage and involvement, the Friends of the UNCG Libraries hope to make the University Libraries an ever-better resource for the community and the University. As a member of the Friends of the UNCG Libraries, you can add your support to this effort. Consider helping in some of the following ways or use your imagination:

  • Join the Friends of the UNCG Libraries and recruit others to join.
  • If you are already a member, contribute at a higher level. While you should consult your tax adviser, your contributions are usually tax-deductible.
  • Encourage your company or firm to become a corporate member. Libraries help students and future employees learn the information handling skills needed by productive citizens.
  • Honor those whom you love and respect with a donation in their names; or start an endowed fund and watch your donation continue to give to the library year after year.
  • Contribute to the Students First Campaign and other initiatives to support the University Libraries.
  • Help provide ways to make public the donation of special gifts to the Library.
  • Stay alert for outstanding books or collections. Inform the Library Administration of collectors who might be interested in donating their collections to the Library.
  • Donate money for exhibitions, lectures, publications or equipment, or to protect and preserve aging library materials.
  • Help bring speakers of interest to Friends of the UNCG Libraries to the campus.
  • Advise the Library Administration of community needs that can be met by increased access to Jackson Library and the Harold Schiffman Music Library.