How to Read Your Budget Report

Budget Reports are emailed to Faculty Representatives on a monthly basis after the Libraries’ collections budget has been finalized for the fiscal year. They are generated from the Libraries’ online acquisitions system and provide up-to-date fund information. Items are ordered and paid against the departmental fund on a daily basis, so the balance is constantly changing.

Below are explanations of the information included in the report:

Fund Code
This is the code that applies to orders from your department.
Budget Amount
This is the dollar amount that you may spend this fiscal year.
This is the dollar amount of items on order. When an item is received, the cost is deducted from the encumbrance figure and added to the expended figure.
This is the dollar amount of items already received and paid. The expended and budget amounts should be equal by the end of the fiscal year.
Remaining Cash Balance
This is the dollar amount of what you have left to spend. This figure is equal to Budget Amount minus Encumbered minus Expended.
NOTE: The final date to submit orders to the Technical Services Department is March 31 each year.