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Get a Tour or Instruction

The Digital Media Commons provides space, technology, and expertise to faculty, staff, and students who are creating multimedia assignments. We provide group and individual instruction on using digital technology, based on our patrons' needs. Interested in a tour or help with a class? Here are several examples of the services we provide.

For Individuals:

  • Please contact the DMC to schedule a time for an individual instruction session.

For Instructors we offer:

  • Tour / Overview –
    • Introduction to the DMC, the tools and services we provide, and a tour of the space. (15 minutes, in DMC)
    • Can also add a short overview presentation with examples of possible projects and software, if project option for students is very open, general or undetermined by instructor yet. (5 minutes, in DMC)
    • Can also add small group facilitated sessions for student to discuss ideas for their projects. (10 minutes, in DMC)
  • Video Editing –
    • Hands-on instruction in a computer lab, reviewing Adobe Premier Pro. (30 minutes, in computer lab)
  • Audio Editing –
    • Assitance with digital storytelling, interviewing, and voice-over narration which are audio only, using the software Audacity. Session can be a demo in a classroom or DMC, or a hands-on session either at open computers in the DMC or in a computer lab. (10 minutes for demo - 20 minutes for hands-on).
  • Basic Websites / Eportfolios –
    • Instruction and assistance creating web objects either for a basic website, or an eportfolio. Hands-on student creation time. (15-30 minutes, in computer lab).
  • Text / Image (Infographics, poster, flyer, etc) –
    • Assistance producing infographics (either through infographic free software OR using Photoshop), posters, or flyers/brochures through hands-on session with students. (20-30 minutes, in computer lab)
  • 3D Printer Tour / Demo –
    • Introduction to our 3D printers. (20-30 minutes, in DMC).
  • Presentations –
    • Assistance producing PowerPoint presentations through hands-on session with students. (20-30 minutes, in computer lab).

Interested in a tour or help with a class? Please fill out this form and we will get right back to you.

Contact Us:

Location: Lower level of the Jackson Library
Email: (best to contact via email)
Phone 336.256.1381