Technology Checkout

The UNCG Libraries loan technologies to UNCG students, faculty, and staff.

  • Computing technologies, calculators, DVD players, battery packs for small devices and related accessories are available at the Jackson Library Check Out Desk (first floor). See the list below.
  • Video, audio, and photography equipment can be checked out in the Digital Media Commons on the lower level of Jackson Library.
  • Visit the Harold Schiffman Music Library homepage for a list of computing and recording technologies available there.
  • Borrowers must read and sign the Technology Lending Agreement before borrowing technology items. Fill out the agreement here after authenticating.
  • One in-person renewal per item is possible as long as there is another like item available for another borrower.
  • Due to high demand and limited quantities, patrons are limited to borrowing either one laptop or iPad at a time, and only one of each of the remaining items at a time.
  • For loan period and fine rate information in Jackson Library, see our Technology Lending Loan Period, Fines and Fees page.
  • Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants - also see our Instructional Technology Collection.

Laptops •  iPads •  Wireless Keyboards •  Graphing Calculators •  Scientific Calculators •  Financial Calculators •  Portable DVD Players •  Accessories


Models: Dell Latitude 5491, E7450 and 7480

Dell Latitude

Help files:
Latitude 5491 Manual
Latitude E7450 Manual
Latitude 7480 Manual

Specs: Windows 10; Wi-Fi; Productivity software, including Microsoft Office suite.

Note: Libraries laptops only work when connected to the UNCG AD/GCN network; they will only connect off-campus if logged in one time while on campus.


Model: iPad Air (5th Generation) A1474

Apple iPad

Help files:
iPad Air Technical Specifications

Specs: 16G capacity; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; Built-in camera with video/voice recording capabilities.

Wireless Keyboards for iPads

Model: Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPads

Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPad

Help files: Product Information

Specs: Wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect to iPad; includes 2 AA rechargeable batteries; Wireless keyboard may only be checked out with iPad checkout.

Graphing Calculators

Model: TI-83 Plus

TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

Help files: TI-83 Plus Guidebook

Specs: LCD screen; 64x96 pixel resolution; Built-in memory for storage and analysis of up to 10 matrices; handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions.

Scientific Calculators

Model: TI-36X Pro

TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

Help files: TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator Specifications

Specs: Multi-line functions, solvers, and displays; solar powered.

Financial Calculators

Model: BA II Plus

BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Help files: BA II Plus Guidebook

Specs: LCD screen; 10 digit display; common math and various financial functions; built-in memory; solar powered

Portable DVD Players

Model: RCA DRC98090

RCA Portable DVD Player

Help files: User Manual

Specs: Wide-screen 9’ swivel display, built-in Rechargeable Battery (playback: up to 4 hours), HDMI Output Jack, Plays DVDs, CDs, and JPGs.


Also available at the Check Out Desk:

  • U Power Battery Packs – individual packs each with a Lightning, type C or micro USB cable suitable for small device charging
  • Headsets
  • Microphone headsets
  • Power strips (multi-outlet)
  • 5-in-1 Memory Card Reader/Writers


Please contact the Libraries if you have any questions or concerns. We will be glad to try to assist you.