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Spaces & Reservations

The DMC offers spaces for digital making and collaboration, as well as group and individual study. Some rooms can be reserved (click the title of room to begin the reservation process or click the image to learn more about the lab):

3D Design Lab

3D Design Lab - Provides digital making tools such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, electronics kits, and the expertise to help complete modeling and electronics projects. First time users please make an appointment for a training session before using the equipment in the lab. No food or drinks allowed.

Video, Imaging, Audio Lab

VIA Lab - The Video, Imaging, Audio Lab is a studio space for videography, photography, and podcasting. It includes LED studio lights, backdrops, a green wall, and a four person podcasting station with audio mixer. Please allow time for a short training session for first time users, and everyone should allow 10 minutes at the beginning and end of their reservation time for check in and check out. No food or drinks allowed.

Virtual Reality Lab

VR Lab - The Stirling Douglas Virtual Reality Lab contains one HTC Vive Virtual Reality System. Only one person at a time can use the headset, but others can see what the player sees on a large monitor. If possible, please bring a friend to act as a spotter so that you don’t trip or run into the wall while using the headset. First time users please allow an extra 10 minutes for a short training session during which you will be asked to read some safety information and sign a waiver. All users please allow 15 minutes at the beginning of your reservation time and 10 minutes at the end for set up, check in, and check out. No food or drinks allowed.

Gaming Lab

Gaming Lab - The Gaming lab is a space dedicated to video gaming. Contains one PS4, one Xbox One, and two Xbox 360s. You can checkout one of our games or bring your own. No food or drinks allowed.

Media Room 1 Media Room 2

Media Rooms – The Media Rooms are small rooms that contain a computer for individual media editing. No food or drinks allowed.

Computer Workstations

Workstations - PCs in open area of DMC available by walk-in only. Note: not equipped with speakers, bring your own headphones or checkout headphones from our service desk.

Contact Us:

Location: Lower level of the Jackson Library
Email: (best to contact via email)
Phone 336.256.1381