Preparing to Cite Sources

Since you know you're going to have to cite your sources, you need to be careful when you are doing your research, making sure that you collect the information you are going to need for your notes and bibliography as you go along. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to finish a paper and getting stuck because you don't have the publication information for one book in your list.

From doing the exercises and examining the full-text example, you should have a good idea what elements you need to write a complete citation for each item in your bibliography. To make sure you have the necessary information when the time comes, here's some suggestions:

Books: make a photocopy of the front and back of the title page. This usually has all the information you will need to cite the book.

Articles from print magazines and journals: if you made a photocopy, you probably have the author name and the title of the article. Make sure you also get the volume number, issue number, month and year of publication, and the starting and ending pages. This information may not be on the pages you photocopied so make sure you get it before you leave the library!

Articles from online full text databases: get all the information you need for print articles, PLUS:
* the name of the database that you got the article from and the date you got it (for MLA only)
* the Digital Object Identifier (doi) if you can find it (for APA only)

Missing some crucial information? Ask a librarian for help!