Research Data Archiving and Support Services

Recently, the NSF and other funding agencies have introduced a data management plan requirement. The agencies are, in effect, saying that the data they fund has significant value, and should thus be stored long-term and shared with the global scholarly community. The UNCG Libraries have experience and expertise in long-term data storage and dissemination, and would like to play a role in supporting this new DMP mandate.

To further define our role, the UNCG Libraries are currently engaged in discussions with the campus' Research Policies Committee and with the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development. Under our current draft plan, the UNCG Libraries would assume primary responsibility for hosting and sharing non-restricted data. We could also provide some level of support for restricted data (e.g. health data, personally identifiable data, or information that can't be released yet due to publication timetables). The Libraries would also consider offering the following research support services (as time and resources allow)

  • web design
  • web hosting
  • user interface design
  • back-end database development
  • ADA compliance
  • web usage statistics
  • metadata
  • scanning and other digitization services
  • data format selection
  • hosting platform advice
  • data stewardship and migration
  • data security
  • best practices for long-term data retention

If you have any questions or comments about the evolving role of the UNCG Libraries in supporting faculty research data needs, please contact Tim Bucknall at or 256-1216.