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Liaison Responsibilities to Departments, Faculty, & Students

The Liaison Program assigns a professional librarian to each department, school, and program to gather information about library needs, to assist the faculty with collection development, to alert the faculty to library services and policies, to communicate concerns between faculty and the Libraries, to provide instruction and research assistance for students and faculty, and in general, to serve as the contact person for the department, school, or program. The extent of each liaison’s activity will be affected by the nature of the discipline; departments, schools, and programs are not all alike and will not require the same degree of liaison activity.

Liaison activities for departments, faculty, and students include:

  • Assisting with requests for new books, journals, databases, and other resources
  • For departmental book budgets, maintaining an awareness of expenditures and communicating with faculty to ensure that budgets are spent in a timely manner
  • Notifying faculty about new library resources and services
  • Developing high quality online research guides for appropriate subjects and specific courses
  • Providing reference and research assistance for faculty and students
  • Providing instruction in the use of library resources for specific classes or groups of students and faculty
  • Collaborating with faculty to develop courses that promote information literacy
  • Providing support for reaccreditation review processes, new academic programs, and grant proposals

For a detailed list of Liaison responsibilities, see Library Liaison Responsibilities