Faculty Representatives and Library Liaisons

Below is a list of Faculty Representatives and Library Liaisons, organized by academic department. Faculty Representatives are members of the teaching faculty who have been given special responsibility for helping the Library keep its collections up to date in their areas of expertise. Library Liaisons are members of the Library faculty who act as contacts and facilitators for the Faculty Representatives.

Department Faculty Representative Libraries Liaison
Accounting and Finance Dr. Ambrose Jones III Steve Cramer
African American and African Diaspora Studies Dr. Armondo Collins Gerald Holmes
Anthropology Ms. Dorothy Davis Rachel Olsen
Art Ms. Teresa Cunningham-Transou Maggie Murphy
Arts Administration Ms. Hannah Grannemann Sarah Dorsey
Biology Dr. Paul Steimle Megan Carlton
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Kimberly Petersen Megan Carlton
Classical Studies Dr. David Wharton Jenny Dale
Communication Sciences and Disorders Dr. Alan Kamhi Lea Leininger
Communication Studies Dr. Pete Kellett Jenny Dale
Community and Therapeutic Recreation Dr. Justin Harmon Samantha Harlow
Computer Science Dr. Lixin Fu Jo Klein
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Dr. Nancy Hodges Steve Cramer
Counseling and Educational Development Dr. Kelly Wester Amy Harris Houk
Dance Dr. Ana Paula Höfling Sarah Dorsey
Economics Dr. Stephen Layson Steve Cramer
Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Dr. Craig Peck Lindsay Gypin
Educational Research Methodology Dr. Bob Henson Lindsay Gypin
English Dr. Tony Cuda Jenny Dale
Genetic Counseling Ms. Lauren Doyle Lea Leininger
Geography, Environment, & Sustainability Dr. John Stehlin Jo Klein
History Dr. Greg O'Brien Maggie Murphy
Human Development and Family Studies Dr. Mary Morgan Amy Harris Houk
Informatics and Analytics Mr. Austin Lawson Jo Klein
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Dr. Onyi Nwafor Steve Cramer
Interior Architecture Mr. Stephen Skorski Maggie Murphy
International and Global Studies Ms. Melody Rood Melody Rood
Kinesiology Dr. Louisa Raisbeck Samantha Harlow
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Dr. Xiao Rao Maggie Murphy
Library and Information Studies Dr. Noah Lenstra Melody Rood
Management Ms. Eloise Hassell Steve Cramer
Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism Ms. Monti Beasley Steve Cramer
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Xiaoli Gao Megan Carlton
Media Studies Dr. Kimberlianne Podlas Jenny Dale
Music Education Ms. Sarah Dorsey Sarah Dorsey
Music Performance Ms. Sarah Dorsey Sarah Dorsey
Music Studies Ms. Sarah Dorsey Sarah Dorsey
Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Dr. Christopher L. Kepley Megan Carlton
Nursing Dr. Cheryl Wicker Lea Leininger
Nutrition Dr. Seth Armah Lea Leininger
Peace and Conflict Studies Dr. Ali Askarov Rachel Olsen
Philosophy Dr. Derek Skillings Maggie Murphy
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Ed Hellen Megan Carlton
Political Science Dr. David Holian Rachel Olsen
Psychology Dr. Paul Silvia Rachel Olsen
Public Health Education Dr. Kay Lovelace Samantha Harlow
Religious Studies Dr. Ashlee Andrews Maggie Murphy
Social Work Dr. Melissa Floyd-Pickard Rachel Olsen
Sociology Dr. Cindy Brooks Dollar Rachel Olsen
Specialized Education Services Dr. Morgan Chitiyo Amy Harris Houk
Teacher Education and Higher Education Dr. Kerrie Richardson Lindsay Gypin
Theatre Dr. Natalie Sowell Sarah Dorsey
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Danielle Bouchard Jenny Dale