Dr. Kelly Lowther Pereira

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor, 2018

Breaking Loose: A Memoir in ABCs
by Linda Brandi Cateura

This memoir was written by my late great aunt, Linda Brandi Cateura. Aunt Linda passed away in January, 2018, one month before I received official news of my tenure at UNCG. After graduating from Albertus Magnus College in 1945, at the young age of 22, Linda left Connecticut for New York City to begin her professional career as a writer, journalist and editor. An influential female in my family and a woman ahead of her time, Aunt Linda worked for several years as a literary editor for Harper's Bazaar and as a freelance book reviewer for The New York Times and Saturday Review, wrote speeches in Italian for Mario Cuomo, and authored seven books. Her books were narrative in style, telling the stories of real people, through their origin, faith, profession, or other life aspect. Much of her writing aimed to generate understanding of one another's differences in culture, lifestyle, or beliefs. In this memoir, Linda tells the story of her own life, through time, place and neighborhood. For me, it is both a celebration of her life and the inspiration she gave to my own life.

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