Dr. Denise A. Tucker

Communication Sciences and Disorders
School of Health and Human Sciences
Professor, 2018

One Eternal Round
by Hugh Nibley and Michael D. Rhodes

Dr. Hugh Nibley was one of my mentors at Brigham Young University. He was a professor of Ancient Studies, with expertise in many fields including religion, Ancient Egypt, archeology, LDS Church History, Abraham, Enoch, and world history. Nibley wrote and spoke in multiple languages, including Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, French, German, and Egyptian hieroglyphics. He literally could read the writing on the walls of pyramids. At BYU and in the LDS Church, he was legend in his exhaustive research, his wit, his avoidance for fame, his disregard for money, and his prolific writings. I was a student in one of his religion classes and had him as a Sunday School teacher in Old Testament the last year I was at BYU. ONE ETERNAL ROUND was the book he worked on for over 20 years and was his last published work, being completed by Dr. Michael Rhodes. With this book, I want to introduce UNCG to the wonderful world of Dr. Hugh Nibley.

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