Dr. C. P. Gause, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. C. P. Gause

Mirror to America: The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin by John Hope Franklin, PhD

Throughout my educational, personal and professional journey, I have watched, waited and witnessed the struggles of many who look like me. I have seen first-hand the struggle of being a black man in America. I take nothing for my journey, because the experiences became tools of transformation.

Dr. John Hope Franklin, historian, philanthropist, teacher, activist and scholar-extradonairre embodys the very essence of the transforming power of knowledge, faith, patience, and commitment (tools of transformation). His work, "Mirror to America," reminds me of a line from one of my favorite hymns..."a charge to keep I have and a God to glorify."

This work is a constant reminder...I have overcome many obstacles, yet the work is still not done.