Dr. Robert Wells

Associate Professor, 2008
Professor, Music, College of Visual and Performing Arts, 2018

Robert Wells

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

Difficult as it is to select a single book, I have chosen Alan Weisman's fascinating and thought provoking exploration of humankind's impact on our planet. It is an intriguing look at what might take place in our cities, forests, and oceans if human beings were to suddenly cease to exist. Weisman's book is an equally eye opening discussion of the impact of our everyday lives on the planet and those flora and fauna with which we share it. Beyond his illustrations of the profound and lasting effects of human civilization on the environment, Weisman highlights the importance of art and music, suggesting that they may very well remain long after other objects of human creation have disappeared. For me, this book serves as a reminder not only of the importance of considering our actions in relation to the physical world around us, but also as they impact those with whom we interact and on whom our very existence is dependent.