Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives

Authors Collections

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Collections consisting of works produced by particular authors:

George Herbert Collection: One of the largest collections in the United States of books by and about English poet George Herbert... [more] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Randall Jarrell Book Collection: A collection of works by UNCG professor, author and poet Randall Jarrell... [more] [Manuscript Collection] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Lois Lenski Book Collection: A collection of books by famed children's author Lois Lenski... [more] [Manuscript Collection] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Book Arts and Book Binding

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Collections about the development, art, and creation of books, with several collections focusing specific influential binders:

Artists' Books and Livres d'Artiste: Books made by artists and/or illustrated by artists in direct collaboration with the authors or publishers with particular strength in artists' books published by Ambroise Vollard and other French specialty publishers who emulated Vollard's style. The diverse paths taken by fine bookmaking in the 20th century are represented by some of the finest examples of the great private presses and small commercial publishing houses. [Search Cataloged Materials]

Athenaeum Press and Books Designed by Harry Ford: [Search Cataloged Materials]

Charles M. Adams American Trade Binding Collection: Named for former UNCG library director Charles M. Adams, this collection chronicals the development of book binding in the United states over a period of 100 years. [Search Cataloged Materials]

Way & Williams Publishers Collection: A collection of limited editions published by the Chicago-based firm established by Washington Irving Way and Chauncey Williams... [more] [Manuscript Collection] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Children's Literature

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Books written for audiences from young children to early adult. Many of these books were either written for females, or were written by female authors:

Early Juvenile Literature Collection: A collection of early works, foreign titles, and titles of interest to both boys and girls. [Search Cataloged Materials]

Girls Books in Series: The collection represents the serial titles available to young girls from the mid-19th to early 20th century, and depict the popular culture perspective and "appropriate lifestyles" of the times. [Search Cataloged Materials]

Lois Lenski Collection of Early American Children's Literature: [more] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Military History

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Collections documenting concerning military history, with primary emphasis on women's roles in the war effort:

Women Veterans Historical Collection Published Materials: A collection of books and pamphlets focusing on women in the military, complimenting University Archives' Women Veterans Historical Collection... [Website] [Search Cataloged Materials]

World War I Pamphlet Collection: A collection of pamphlets produced during the first World War. [Search Cataloged Materials]

Women's Literature

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Collections dealing with women's literature and women authors, including subjects such as early biography, education, labor, health and hygiene, organizations, suffrage, and social and moral questions concerning a female audience:

Robbie Emily Dunn Collection of American Detective Fiction: Contains works of detective fiction by both male and female authors ... [more] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Home Economics Pamphlet Collection: [Search Cataloged Materials]

Woman's Collections [General] : Housing a collection of primarily of British and American imprints, this collection compliments UNCG's history as a women's college and contains books on a variety of subjects... [more] [Search Cataloged Materials]

Other Collections

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Other collections held in Special Collections on a variety of subjects:

General Rare Book Collections: Contains volumes of general literary significance, including early editions of works by authors such as Chaucer, Dickens, and Blake. [Search Cataloged Materials]

History of Physical Education and Dance: Contains titles dating back to the sixteenth century, with emphasis on the nineteenth century in areas such as gymnastics, swimming, and general recreation, with a number of works on exercise and sports for girls and women. [Search Cataloged Materials]

Jargon Society: [Search Cataloged Materials]

Perishable Press Limited: [Search Cataloged Materials]