About Mergent Online (public companies worldwide)
  • Data for each company includes history, property, line of business, subsidiaries, officers, directors, long term debt, Moody's ratings, capital stock, income statement, balance sheet, stock splits, and dividend payment history.
  • Provides pre-defined company reports and multiple-company reports.
  • Companies can be searched by financial variables, SIC and NAICS codes, keywords, and more.
  • Data on competitors can be dynamically compared.
  • Data and information can be downloaded or printed.
  • Provides an EDGAR search (with "text" as a search option).
  • Includes historical stock prices, going back to the early 1970's for some companies.
  • Includes over 100 international industry reports, defined by sector and region. Updated twice a year.
  • Dates of Coverage: up to 30 years or more of corporate financial data

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