Guidelines for Photocopies for Reserve and e-Reserves

Please Note: Some documentation requires a free Microsoft Office Reader. Please select the appropriate reader and download it from the Microsoft web site. Each Office file type link is labeled as such.

Copyright guidelines according to Fair Use must be met (call us at 334-5245 if you have questions about the amount, length, or scope of what is acceptable).

Guidelines for placing papers authored by students on reserve

Complete references must appear on the first page of each photocopy. References can be photocopied as part of p.1 or handwritten. References can be in any style.

Book references must include:

  • Author(s)/Editor(s)
  • Complete titles of sources from which the photocopies were made
  • Places of publication
  • Names of publishers
  • Dates of publication

Journal article references must include:

  • Article authors
  • Complete article titles
  • Full names or standard abbreviations of source journals
  • Volumes and numbers and/or issue dates of the source journals

Online references must include:

  • The complete web address for the source

Title page of one of all readings to match the title your syllabus and reserve lists.  You may title readings anything you want, but we have to be able to identify them on the list from the title on page one of the photocopy.

To make eReserves accessible for visually impaired students and to expedite our scanning processes (e-Reserves are scanned in bulk on high-speed scanners with document feeders), copies must meet the following criteria:

  • Be on white, single-sided 8 ½ x 11 untrimmed paper
  • Be either portrait or landscape oriented; but not both in the same reading
  • Contain no cut off or blurred text
  • Have no tape or labels on them
  • Have no punched holes
  • Be paper clipped by title - no stapled or loose photocopies, please!

To ensure best visual accessibility, file and print performance, copies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a clean ½ inch margin on all four sides of each page
  • Have no black margins and the least possible spine shadow, and have no extraneous text
  • Be limited to 25 pages per document. We will divide longer photocopies not already divided upon submission.
  • Optional – remove unnecessary pictures and graphics. If you do so, recopy so that you have a full 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.

Photocopying Hints

  • To save paper when printed, make landscaped copies with 2 pages of text per sheet when possible.
  • Save money, ink and paper by taking the time to write citations on p.1 of readings from books rather than photocopying the title page.
  • Use the enlarge and reduce functions to adjust the print to fit the page and eliminate black margins.
  • For odd size sources, consider making templates to cover parts of the copier screen that exceed the size of the materials being copied.
  • Inspect copies made by others before sending them to us. Copies that do not meet the criteria in the guidelines will not be placed on e-Reserve until compliant copies are provided.