Resources and Contacts

Specific questions

University Libraries: 336.334.5304

  • Streaming Media: Guide | Email
  • Course Reserves: Guide | Email | 336.334.5245 (Jackson Library) | 336.334.5771 (Harold Schiffman Music Library)
  • Scholarly Communications Issues: Guide | Email | 336.334.5781
  • Databases and Licensed Content: Guide | Email | 336.334.4300

Additional Resources:

Office of the General Counsel: 336.334.3067

Office of Innovation Partnership Services: 336.256.2047

Information Technology Services: 336.256.8324

UNCG Online: 336.315.7044

General questions

If you cannot find the information you need on this site, please use this email and we will be happy to try to answer your questions or forward them to the correct UNCG resource.