Item Replacement Policy for UNCG Libraries Owned Materials:

Replacing items can save you money and make lost or damaged items available to others more quickly.

  • Rather than paying replacement costs, lost and damaged items may be replaced for up to 6 months after the due date.
  • Replacements must be pre-approved. Replacements for technology items are rarely approved.
  • Replacements of the same edition as the original, in new or very good condition, are usually approved. DVDs must be new, wrapped and have the same producers and actors as the original.
  • Once items are replaced, no refunds are given if the original item is later found.
  • Items purchased without pre-approval are subject to being rejected. To ensure that replacements are acceptable, before purchasing contact or 336.334.5304.

For information regarding replacement of Interlibrary Loan materials, see our Overdue Fines and Fees policies.