Library Accessibility Resources and Services

Entrances to Jackson Library

The main handicapped-accessible entrance to Jackson Library is located at the EUC-Library Connector entrance, facing Stirling Street and the Walker Avenue Parking Deck. An accessible ramp extends the length of the connector corridor between Jackson Library and the Elliott University Center for easy access to both facilities.

A secondary handicapped-accessible entrance to Jackson Library is located on the north side of the tower facing the service drive area between the Jackson Library and the UNCG Dining Hall/Moran Commons. Handicapped parking is available in the loading dock area at the end of the service drive. A call button is provided at the secondary entrance to alert library staff to unlock the door. Patrons using this door to exit the building should stop by the Check Out Desk prior to leaving the library.

For an overview of campus accessibility routes and building entrances, please see the UNCG Campus Accessibility Map.

Materials Assistance

Assistance in retrieving books and other items for those with special needs is provided primarily by Check Out Desk staff. Reference librarians can provide assistance with research, either at the Reference Desk or by appointment. It is helpful for patrons needing assistance to make an appointment with the Check Out Desk staff or Reference staff prior to arrival, especially on nights or weekends. Virtual options are also available. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Accessing Different Floors in Jackson Library

Jackson Library has multiple floors across its two connected buildings. Access to the tower floors can be facilitated through a bank of elevators. As mentioned above, any assistance needed with retrieving materials can be requested at the Check Out Desk.

Access to Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) is through the Connector from the Elliott University Center, the College Avenue entrance to the monument stairs, a couple of smaller internal stairs, and a small elevator that gives ready access from the main (first) floor lobby area to the second and third floor areas. In our experience, while there are some wheelchairs that will fit into this elevator, this is not the case for all models. Therefore, upon request to the SCUA staff, archival material will be made available to patrons by either providing the documents physically on the library's main floor for review, or by scanning the items so that a person with visual impairment can use adaptive technology to review, and/or by holding classes in alternative locations on the main floor when the elevator does not provide sufficient access to SCUA or the upper floors.

Events in the University Libraries

Event announcements will indicate within the RSVP to notify the event organizer if accommodations are needed within the libraries. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to notify library staff of the requested accomodations so that we may provide them for requesting participants.

Services for the Hearing Impaired

A Sorenson Videophone is available in Jackson Library in room 263 on the second floor of the tower. The key for room 263 is available at the Check Out Desk on the first floor. Use of the videophone is free.

Services for the Visually Impaired

CC readers that enlarge text are available in the in the Reference Room on the first floor of Jackson Library and in Room 961 in the tower of Jackson Library. The key for room 961 is available at the Check Out Desk on the first floor.

Group study rooms and spaces are available for people who have readers helping them with assignments. In addition, Tower floors 2-5 are group study areas where people may talk.

Assistive Technology

The Superlab, housed on the first floor of Jackson Library, has over 100 computers, both PCs and MACs, with a variety of assistive technology. Additionally, this software is installed on all University Libraries' general use computers.

State Library of North Carolina

The North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped circulates -- via mail -- books and magazines especially made for persons who cannot use regular printed materials because of a visual or physical disability.

Contact Information

For additional information please contact UNCG’s Office of Accessibility Resources & Services.