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Gifts Policy

Walter Clinton Jackson Library welcomes gifts of books, manuscripts, and other Library materials that support the academic programs offered by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. UNCG traditionally has had excellent academic programs in a number of fields, including the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, business, performing arts, women's studies and education. The Library collections reflect those strengths. Gifts made to Jackson Library add materials which otherwise could not be acquired through normal funding processes and, in turn, enhance the quality of the resources available for students, faculty, and the local community. Your support through gifts of Library materials is very much appreciated.

Gifts Procedures

Gifts may be directed to the Assistant Dean for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications (336-256-1210), the Gifts Processors: Lynn Harris (336-256-1196) or Michelle Courtney (336-256-1196), or the Special Collections Librarian (336-334-3136), any of whom may be contacted to answer your questions about gifts.

Rare books, private papers, and exceptional materials especially should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian (336-334-3136).

It is very helpful, though not necessary, to include with your gift a list briefly describing the gift materials donated: author, title, date and place of publication, publisher, and number of volumes. The Library is not responsible for compiling these lists for donors nor for the transport and delivery of gift materials.

For gifts of music, scores, and books on music, contact Sarah Dorsey (336-334-5610) or Alaina Jones (336-334-3865) at the Harold Schiffman Music Library.

Donor Form

Conditions for Books

When you give a book or any other material to Jackson Library, it is important that you understand the conditions under which a gift is given and accepted:

  • A gift becomes the property of the Library
  • The Library reserves the right to determine whether a gift will be added to the collection, where it will be located, and how it will be made accessible.
  • The Library also reserves the right to dispose of inappropriate or duplicate gift items through resale or other means

Income Tax Deductions

Usually a gift of books will qualify as a deduction for income tax purposes. However, by law Jackson Library cannot appraise gifts. The responsibility for establishing a fair market value of a gift lies with the donor. You may wish to consult your personal attorney or a tax advisor.

The IRS also has two good publications about donating materials, Determining the Value of Donated Property and Topic 506-Contributions. You may also access tax information and forms in the Government Documents Division of the Library.


Jackson Library will send an acknowledgement for the receipt of gift materials. The letter of acknowledgement does not include dollar values. It is also the only record of the gift that the Library can provide.

At the donor's request, a gift added to the Library may be bookplated or otherwise recorded as the “Gift of (name of donor).”

Out of Scope Materials

The following categories are not generally considered for inclusion in Jackson Library's collections:

  • Materials that do not support the educational and research missions of the University
  • Materials in poor physical condition- - brittle paper, loose bindings, soiled, underlined or highlighted, mildewed, infested with vermin
  • Textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals - - with the exception of those written or edited by UNCG Faculty
  • Pamphlets, tracts, or other ephemeral materials that lack specific historical value
  • Genealogies
  • Most popular fiction
  • Old Bibles
  • Old textbooks and encyclopedia sets

While most popular fiction may not be suitable for inclusion in the Library Collection, donations are gladly accepted for the ongoing Friends of the Library book sale.