Food and Drink Policy

The University Libraries strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere. Incorporating our responsibilities to protect library materials, equipment, and furnishings and to ensure the rights of all users to undisturbed study, we are pleased to adopt this food policy based on cooperation and mutual respect. We ask that library users take responsibility for themselves and others and use good judgment to ensure that no trace is left behind and no damages are caused by food or drink.

This policy is adopted on a contingency basis with plans to continue the policy as long as the libraries remain clean. If problems related to messiness, cleanliness, damaged materials or other complaints arise; this policy may be revised without notice.

Food and Drink are allowed in the libraries under the following conditions:

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Hodges Reading Room, the ITS-sponsored Superlab and Instructional Lab 177a, and in specified spaces in the Digital Media Commons. Food and drink during class sessions in the Citilab are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • All drinks must be in covered containers.
  • Alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed.
  • Leave no trace...
    • Protect library materials and equipment by keeping food and drink at a safe distance. Clean your hands after eating and before handling library property.
    • Take responsibility for maintaining a sanitary and pleasant environment. Remove crumbs, wipe off sticky surfaces, and clean up after yourself and others. Properly dispose of trash in the library-provided receptacles or remove it from the building.
  • Be respectful of others. Refrain from eating loud, smelly, or messy food. If a neighbor complains, you will be expected to relocate upon request.
  • Food deliveries, food parties, group meals are not allowed except in relation to library-sponsored events.
  • Food or drink spills should be reported to the Access Services Desk immediately so that prompt action can be taken to minimize the damages.
  • Unattended food and drink may be removed and discarded.
  • Library staff reserves the right to ask anyone who disregards the above conditions to remove the food or drink from the buildings immediately or to leave the buildings.