Student Employee Dress Guidelines

As a student employee you are a public face and represent the University Libraries to our patrons. Student employees are expected to dress in appropriate attire and observe proper hygiene.

Allowable dress and grooming

  • Clothing that includes both a shirt with clean pants, appropriate-length shorts or a skirt or dress.
  • Shoes or sandals. Students that are operating book carts or other equipment must wear closed-toed shoes. This requirement is for your safety!
  • Shirts, pants, shorts and dresses must have fabric in the front, back and on the sides.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments.
  • Fabric should cover all private parts and must not be see through.
  • Hats and other headwear must not interfere with the line of sight to any patron.
  • Moderate cologne and other scents. Other staff and/or patrons may be allergic.

Non-Allowable dress

  • Clothes that display nudity, profanity, hate speech or offensive text or pictures.
  • Tops without straps.
  • Pajama-type clothes.
  • Swimwear.

August 2018