Libraries' Liaison Program

Each academic discipline at UNCG is assigned a liaison or subject specialist from the University Libraries. Liaisons collaborate with their units on information literacy, faculty research support and scholarly communications and ensure that the Libraries have resources that support teaching and research. 

List of Liaison Librarians by Department

The ethos of liaison work is a mindset of outreach to and proactive engagement with UNCG students, faculty, staff and administrators. Liaisons also work with alumni, other researchers, and community members. This outreach mindset permeates all four functional liaison roles described below.

Here are just a few recent collaborative outreach endeavors of liaisons:

  • Serving as faculty fellows in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and the University Teaching and Learning Center.
  • Developing and publishing open-access journals such as The Journal of Learning Spaces and Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement.
  • Reviewing PhD candidates’ literature reviews before they go forward with their writing.
  • Providing over 1500 individual or small group research consultations in an academic year to students, faculty and staff.

Roles of Liaisons

UNCG Roles of Liaisons

General Responsibilities of Liaison Work

  • Develop strong working relationships with faculty
  • Collaborate and establish partnerships in research, teaching, advocacy, etc.
  • Monitor trends in teaching and scholarship in assigned disciplines
  • Promote library services and resources
  • Assess both user needs and liaison services
  • Engage in continual education in librarianship and assigned academic disciplines
  • Assist instructors by purchasing library access to course materials electronically when allowed by publishers.

List of Liaison Roles and Responsibilities.