Post MLS Diversity Residency Program


In 2008, the University Libraries established a two-year Post MLS Diversity Residency program to provide growth and development for a newly degreed librarian from a diverse and historically underrepresented population. Since that time, we have been proud to play a part in the support of our residents who have gone on to fulfilling careers within librarianship and academia, and we have grown our own experience and expertise in the development of successful residency programs.

The library residency program is intended to offer an opportunity for entry-level librarians with an interest in academic libraries to begin their professional careers and acquire core competencies and skills in research, scholarship, and instruction. The program allows the Resident the opportunity to work in up to three departments or functional areas to explore services and technologies and collaborate on projects. This program is flexible by design and will be developed to balance the Resident’s individual goals and interests with the Libraries’ needs. As members of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Alliance, we are committed to “increasing the hiring pipeline of qualified and talented individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups” through this residency program.

The Residency is coordinated by Gerald Holmes, Associate Professor and Diversity Coordinator.

In the first year, the Resident works in multiple functional areas determined mutually by the Resident’s interests and the needs of the Libraries. In the second year, the Resident develops specialized expertise by focusing on one functional unit. The Resident is expected to plan and execute a major project during the second year. A final job description will be collaboratively developed. Duties could include a selection of the following or other options at the request of the Resident:

  • Teaching in the Library’s information literacy program
  • Teaching in the Digital Media Commons’ makerspace or VR workshops
  • Developing online learning modules
  • Library space planning and assessment
  • Supporting systematic reviews
  • Providing research data management services
  • Providing consultation on advanced research strategies and citation management
  • Planning for emerging technologies
  • Library outreach and communication
  • Collection development
  • Digitization of historical material
  • Metadata creation
  • Staff training
  • And more, as determined by capacity and the Resident’s interest.

Current Diversity Resident:

Shelbi Webb2022-present: Shelbi Webb

Shelbi graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in mass communication and journalism. She also served as an administrative assistant for Stedman-Wade Health Services Inc., a community health center organization. She went on to graduate with a Master of Library and Information Studies from UNCG in the spring of 2021.

Previous Diversity Residents:

Deborah Yun Caldwell2018-2021: Deborah Yun Caldwell

Deborah is now the Data Services Librarian at the University of North Texas University Libraries.

Jenay Solomon2016-2018: Jenay Solomon

Jenay is now the Undergraduate Engagement Librarian at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Orolando Duffus2014-2016: Orolando Duffus

Orolando is now the Collections Strategies Librarian at the University of Houston Libraries.

Nataly Blas2012-2014: Nataly Blas

Nataly is now the Collection Development Librarian at the William H. Hannon Library of Loyola Marymount University.

LaTesha Velez2010-2012: LaTesha Velez

After her residency, LaTesha received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is now an Assistant Professor in the UNCG Department of Library and Information Studies.

Jason Alston2008-2010: Jason Alston

After his residence, Jason earned his PhD from the University of South Carolina in 2017, and is now an Assistant Teaching Professor at the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, University of Missouri.