Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives

Manuscript Collections by Call Number

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MSS 001   Greene Letters, Nathanael
MSS 002   Gove Papers, Anna Maria
MSS 003   Gove Family Papers
MSS 004   Ramsey Family Papers
MSS 005   Rogers Papers, Lettie Hamlett
MSS 006   Tindall Manuscript, George Brown
MSS 007   Latham Papers, Edythe
MSS 008   Carroll Papers, Ruth and Latrobe
MSS 009   Jarrell Papers, Randall
MSS 010   Johns Papers, Annie E.

MSS 011   Speas Manuscript, Jan Cox
MSS 012   Alfred Letter, William
MSS 013   Forney Papers, Edward Jacob
MSS 014   Ludovici Papers, Anthony Mario
MSS 015   Lenski Papers, Lois
MSS 016   Dargan Manuscript, Olive Tilford
MSS 017   Tippett Papers, James Sterling
MSS 018   Bell Papers, Thelma and Corydon
MSS 019   Ferguson Papers, Sue Ramsey Johnston
MSS 020   Byrd Papers, Clara Booth

MSS 021   Taylor Papers, Peter Hillsman
MSS 022   Green Papers, Paul Eliot
MSS 023   Bond Papers, Nellie Ashburn
MSS 024   Bowles Manuscript, Elisabeth Ann
MSS 025   Elliott Papers, Harriett W.
MSS 026   Wilson Papers, George Pickett
MSS 027   Schnauffer Papers, Carl Heinrich
MSS 028   Miller Papers, Heather Ross
MSS 029   Burgwyn Papers, Mebane Holman
MSS 030   Holt Papers, Margaret McConnell

MSS 031   Greensboro Reader Collection
MSS 032   Wilkinson Manuscripts, Sylvia
MSS 033   Farley Manuscripts, Jean
MSS 034   Schell Manuscript, Jessie Rosenberg
MSS 035   Coit Papers, Margaret
MSS 036   Satterfield Papers, Frances Gibson
MSS 037   Straughan's Bookshop Records
MSS 038   Coit Letters, Laura Hill
MSS 039   Smith Papers, William Cunningham
MSS 040   Winston Papers, Ellen Black

MSS 041   Rowlett Papers, Margaret
MSS 042   Todd Letters, Mabel Loomis
MSS 043    Wilson Papers, Emily Herring
MSS 044    United States War Poster Collection
MSS 045   Lathrop Papers, Virginia Terrell
MSS 046   Adams Papers, Robert Neal
MSS 047   North Carolina Council of Women's Organizations Records
MSS 048   Southeastern Theatre Conference Records
MSS 049   Company K Scrapbook
MSS 050   Association of Southern Agricultural Workers Records

MSS 051   North Carolina Council for Social Legislation Records
MSS 052   Ashby Papers, Warren
MSS 053   Current Papers, Richard
MSS 054   Kelly Manuscript, Lorena
MSS 055   Baizerman Papers, Eugenie
MSS 056    Baizerman Papers, Saul
MSS 057   College Museum Collection
MSS 058   Cone Letters, Etta
MSS 059   Gaver Papers, Mary Virginia
MSS 060    Angelo Papers, Bonnie

MSS 061   Baizerman Sketches, Joan Hay
MSS 062   Ludwig Papers, Elizabeth A.
MSS 063   Cleaney Manuscript, Eliza
MSS 064   North Carolina Dietetic Association Records
MSS 065   Fleming Papers, Gladys Andrews
MSS 066   Humphrey Publications, James H.
MSS 067   American Association of Physics Teachers South Atlantic Coast Section Records
MSS 068   Perry Manuscript, Octavia Jordan
MSS 069   MaCauley Manuscripts, Robie
MSS 070   Busbee Papers, Juliana Royster

MSS 071   North Carolina Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Records
MSS 072   Porter Papers, Lorena
MSS 073   Tillotson Papers, Joan S.
MSS 074   Tracanna Interviews, Kim
MSS 076   Scott Diary, Annie Velna
MSS 077   Alford Film, Emily
MSS 078   Gilliom Manual, Bonnie
MSS 079   Morison Publications, Ruth
MSS 080   Movement Education Collection

MSS 081   Tanner Papers, Virginia
MSS 082   Shaw Papers, Anna Howard
MSS 083   Charles Papers, Amy Marie
MSS 084   Watson Papers, Robert W.
MSS 085   Murphy Papers, Anne
MSS 086   Boorman Papers, Joyce
MSS 087   Craig Papers, Marjorie
MSS 088   Moore Papers, Margaret Catherine
MSS 089   Murray Papers, Ruth L.
MSS 090   Campbell Letters, Laurie

MSS 091   Burrows Papers, Edward F.
MSS 092   National Council of Jewish Women, Greensboro Chapter Records
MSS 093   Carnegie Papers, Mary Elizabeth
MSS 094   Doster Papers, Daphine
MSS 095   Logsdon Collection, Bette J.
MSS 096   McBride Interview Summary, Claudia Pinkard
MSS 097   North Carolina Speaker Ban Collection
MSS 098   Reid Letters, Winifred M.
MSS 099   Russell Papers, Joan
MSS 100   North Carolina Girls State Collection

MSS 101   Metheny Papers, Eleanor
MSS 102   Sauborn Papers, Jeanette B.
MSS 103   Equal Rights Amendment in North Carolina Collection
MSS 104   DuMetz Family Marriage Contracts
MSS 105   Schaeffer Papers, Florence Louise
MSS 106   Bryan Archives, Joseph M.
MSS 107   North Carolina Historical Nursing Collection
MSS 108   Historical Book Club of North Carolina
MSS 109   Griggs Papers, Dan
MSS 110   Black Mountain College Publications

MSS 111   Forbus Manuscript, Ina B.
MSS 112   Street Papers, Julia Montgomery
MSS 113   Ulrich Speeches, Celeste
MSS 114   Beeler Typescript, John H.
MSS 115   Wiley Papers, Mary Callum
MSS 116   Pearsall Diary, Susie A.
MSS 117   St. Denis Lecture, Ruth
MSS 118   Black Mountain College Collection
MSS 119   Smyth Letters, Ethel Mary
MSS 120   Bushakra Letters, Mary Winifred

MSS 121   Braun Transcript, Harriet Augusta
MSS 122   Jugtown Pottery Collection
MSS 123   Cone Papers, Etta and Claribel
MSS 124   Gottlieb Papers, Gilbert
MSS 125   Jubilee Press/Amos P. Kennedy Jr. Collection
MSS 126   Eichhorn Papers, Hermene Warlick
MSS 127   Williams Papers, Pauline
MSS 128   Lewis Papers, Eloise
MSS 129   Rodman Publications, Hy
MSS 130   Griffin Papers, Ellen

MSS 131   Spear Collection, Duston
MSS 132   Taylor Papers, Eleanor Ross
MSS 133   Howe Papers, Julia Ward
MSS 134   Ruskin Letter, John
MSS 135   Shaw Collection of Letters Written by Famous Women, Charles B.
MSS 136   Tourgee Letters, Albion W.
MSS 137   Walker Manuscript, Augusta
MSS 138   Link Papers, William A.
MSS 139   Fuchs Papers, Peter Paul
MSS 140   Marsh Papers, Jean Knapp

MSS 141   Harris Papers, Clarence Lee
MSS 142   Dawley Papers, Charlotte
MSS 143   Barrett Scottish Country Dances Collection, Kate
MSS 144   Henry Letter, Ruth
MSS 145   Stegner Letter, Wallace
MSS 146   Woman's Association for Betterment of Public School Houses Records
MSS 147   Adams Collection, Lillian "Jerry" M.
MSS 148   Parker Papers, Michael
MSS 149   Fisher Collection of Denishawn School of Dancing Choreography, Howle
MSS 150   Tri State Sculptors Education Association, Inc. Records

MSS 151   Sierra Club Piedmont Plateau Group Newsletters
MSS 152   Harris Papers, Bertha Armenta Drew
MSS 153   Link Papers, Susannah
MSS 154   Glyn Papers, Elinor
MSS 155   North Carolina Alpha Delta Kappa Records
MSS 156   Garlow Dolls Collection, Alma and Spencer
MSS 157   North Carolina Music Educators Association Records
MSS 158   Belloc Manuscript, Hilaire
MSS 159   Bennett Letter, Arnold
MSS 160   Besant Manuscript, Walter

MSS 161   Harraden Manuscript, Beatrice
MSS 162   Hawtrey Papers, George P.
MSS 163   Hergesheimer Letter, Joseph
MSS 164   La Gallienne Papers, Richard
MSS 165   Merriman Manuscript, Henry Seton
MSS 166   Reid Manuscript, Mayne
MSS 167   Rolvaag Letters, O.E.
MSS 168   Sangster Letters, Margaret E.
MSS 169   Steel Manuscript, Flora Annie
MSS 170   Cassidy Publications, Rosalind

MSS 171   Johnson Papers, Mary Frances Kennon
MSS 172   Stokes Papers, Julia Tayloe
MSS 173   Terry Papers, Henrietta Pearl
MSS 174   Barkley Transcript, Brad
MSS 175   Updike Papers, Daniel Berkeley
MSS 176   Walker Papers, Harriette
MSS 177   Carnahan Letters, Kate
MSS 178   Buck Letter, Pearl S.
MSS 179   Colum Letters, Padraic
MSS 180   Guiney Letter, Louise Imogen

MSS 181   Howard Family Papers
MSS 182   Lamartine Letter, Valentine De
MSS 183   Rendleman Document, Maria C.
MSS 184   Roosevelt Letter, Eleanor
MSS 185   Sanborn Manuscripts, Josiah
MSS 186   Tate Letters, Allen
MSS 187   Norment Papers, Dorothy Turlington
MSS 188   Pugh Papers, Mabel
MSS 189   Porter Poem, Jane
MSS 190   Pierce Diary, Sadie

MSS 191   Diary, 1861
MSS 192   Rudd Papers, Mary Dell
MSS 193   Chipman Diary, Mabel Converse
MSS 194   North Carolina Women's Writers Conference Records
MSS 195   Adams Diary, Jennie
MSS 196   Hallett Diary, Carrie
MSS 197   Altrusa Club of Greensboro Records
MSS 198   Kingsbury Diary, Leila
MSS 199   Coleman Papers, Margaret Reaves
MSS 200    O'Hara Papers, Robert. J.

MSS 201   Parker Papers, Mattie Edwards
MSS 202   Heckerman Diary, Nettie
MSS 203   Hummel Papers, Maria
MSS 204   Chappell-Kinard Interviews
MSS 205   Swann Papers, Elia Hill
MSS 206   Ivy Papers, Gregory
MSS 207   Nowlin Papers, John "Jack" R.
MSS 208   Reardon Papers, Anna J.
MSS 209   Singleton Papers, George
MSS 210   Weatherspoon Guild Collection

MSS 211   Zacharias Papers, Lee
MSS 212   Scharrer Papers, Katherine Yoder
MSS 213   North Carolina Poverty Project Collection
MSS 214   Lindsay Family Papers
MSS 215   Crocker Diary, Nellie H.
MSS 216   Woman's State Relief Corps No. 45 Minutes
MSS 217   Yoder Papers, Emily Manetta Asbury
MSS 218   Ferguson Papers, James S.
MSS 219   Cline Papers, Ned
MSS 220   Curry School Collection

MSS 221   Fein Collection of French Legal Documents
MSS 222   Tuttle Papers and Chinese Artifacts, Lelia Judson
MSS 223   Alexander Papers, Elreta
MSS 224   Gariglio Papers, Raymond J.
MSS 225   Abbott Gymnasium Exercise Book, Alice J.
MSS 226   Lawrence Papers, Bessie and Elizabeth
MSS 227   Kennedy Diaries, Olive
MSS 228   Robinson Diary, Pauline
MSS 229   Weare Diary, Mary M.
MSS 230   Colburn Diary, Minnie

MSS 231   Newton Diary, Ethel
MSS 232   Newton Diary, Nina
MSS 233   Perry Diary, Sophia
MSS 234   Maness and Jean Gordon Papers, Carolyn
MSS 235   Jones Diary, Mary Alma
MSS 236   Saliski Papers, Reinhold E.
MSS 237   Way and Williams Collection
MSS 238   Darrah Diary, Louise "Lulu" E.
MSS 239   Davant Chinese Fans and Paper Cutouts, Ann "Peetie" Wescott Woodall
MSS 240   Wright Papers, Christine Allen

MSS 241   Ridley Sheet Music Collection, Sallie and Mary T.
MSS 242   Miller Scrapbook, Margarette S.
MSS 243   Pierce Diaries, Kate R.
MSS 244   Barr Papers, Phoebe Baugham
MSS 245   Flowers Letters, Linda
MSS 246   Metcalfe Letters, Susan
MSS 247   Harris Scrapbooks, Robert D.
MSS 248   Almond Papers, Steve
MSS 249   National Association for Physical Education of College Women Records
MSS 250   National College Physical Education Association for Men (NCPEAM) Records

MSS 251   National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education (NAKPEHE) Records, formerly NAPEHE
MSS 252   Southern Association for Physical Education of College Women (SAPECW) Records
MSS 253   Southern Academy of Women in Physical Education Activity, Sport and Health (SAWPASH) Records
MSS 254   McDonald Interviews, Gail
MSS 255   Hansen Performing Arts Collection, Robert C.
MSS 256   Colson Papers, Lorna
MSS 257   Gatewood Sketchbooks, Maude
MSS 258   Maron Collection, Margaret
MSS 259   Greensboro Artist League Records
MSS 260   Tranbarger Collection of Florence Nightingale Material, Russel Eugene

MSS 261   Hensley Collection, Jan. G.
MSS 262   Lewis Diary, Mary J.
MSS 263   Lembke Collection, Janet
MSS 265   Etherington Papers, Don
MSS 266   Stinson Papers, Dr. Susan
MSS 267   White Papers, Nancy
MSS 268   Kimmel Theater Collection, Jane
MSS 269   Celebrate Nursing Education Collection
MSS 270   North Carolina Theatre Conference Records

MSS 271   Zuber Papers, Isabel
MSS 273   Library and Information Studies Alumni Association Records
MSS 274   Martin Papers, Tom
MSS 275   Coble Papers, Howard
MSS 276   Phillips Papers, Charlie
MSS 277   Brown Letters, Charlotte Hawkins
MSS 278   Weatherford Papers, Carole Boston
MSS 279   England Papers, Kathryn McAllister
MSS 280   Burns Textbooks, Marge

MSS 281   Boosinger Diaries, Mary and Phillip
MSS 282   Adams Diary, E.J.
MSS 283   Woman's Diary, Massachusetts
MSS 284   Litchfield Diary, Cynthia
MSS 285   Physical Education and Dance Publications
MSS 286   Wellesz Contemporary Music Collection, Egon
MSS 287   Garrett Papers, Caroline Morrison
MSS 288   Betts Papers, Cyrus, Jr. and Rachel Smith
MSS 289   Middleton Collection, Herman
MSS 290   Silver Collection, Dorothy

MSS 291   Dick Collection, Margaret Jorgensen
MSS 292   Kletzien Scrapbook, Fannie Northrop
MSS 293   Allen Collection, Nettie Marvin
MSS 294   Griffin Scrapbook, Mattie
MSS 295   Buie Scrapbook, Fodie M.
MSS 296   Poindexter Scrapbook, Claude Zenobia
MSS 297   Robinson Scrapbook, Mary
MSS 298   Forney Scrapbook, Edna Annette
MSS 299   Peedin Scrapbook, Minnie Lee
MSS 300   Booth Scrapbook, Jean

MSS 301   Dixon Scrapbook, Nettie
MSS 302   Black Scrapbook, Antoinette
MSS 303   Jones Scrapbook, Catharine Holmes
MSS 304   Van Poole Scrapbook, Mary
MSS 305   Summerell Scrapbook, Frances Peden
MSS 306   Bouldin Scrapbook, Isabel Carter
MSS 307   Thames Scrapbook, Elisabeth Moffitt
MSS 308   Clark Scrapbook, Emma Gertrude Hutaff
MSS 309   Heilig Scrapbook, Margaret Ruth
MSS 310   Jones Scrapbook, Cornelia

MSS 311   Green Scrapbook, Pauline
MSS 312   Hodgin Scrapbook, Ruby Jane
MSS 313   Beam Scrapbooks, Mary Sue
MSS 314   Douglas Scrapbook, Mary Teresa Peacock
MSS 315   Kirkpatrick Scrapbook, Wilma
MSS 316   Shearer Scrapbook, May
MSS 317   Willis Scrapbook, Leah
MSS 318   Weil Scrapbook, Hilda
MSS 319   Gordon Scrapbook, Evelyn Louise
MSS 320   Parker Scrapbook, Perla Belle

MSS 321   Pearson Scrapbook, Mabel Vines
MSS 322   Smith Scrapbook, Elizabeth McLaughlin
MSS 323   Wharton Sockwell Papers, Mary Jane
MSS 324   Ellis Scrapbook, Edythe
MSS 325   West Scrapbooks, Lottie Faye
MSS 326   Jones Scrapbook, Anna Reid
MSS 327   Daniel Scrapbook, Jane Brady
MSS 328   Lipscomb Scrapbook, Barbara Apostolacus
MSS 329   Debnam Scrapbook, Sara Lou
MSS 330   Samuelson Scrapbook, Esther Marie

MSS 331   Camlin Scrapbook, Ann Marie
MSS 332   Manlove Scrapbook, Emily Morgan
MSS 333   Mann Scrapbook, Cheryl Elizabeth
MSS 334   Allen Notebooks, Olive
MSS 335   Aycock Notebook, Ivor
MSS 336   Barker Notebooks, Ellen M.
MSS 337   Bolton Notebooks, Mattie Lou
MSS 338   Carraway Notebook, Edna Ludelle
MSS 339   Craig Notebooks, Henrietta Alberta "Berta" Ratliffe
MSS 340   Donnelly Notebooks, Bertha M.

MSS 341   Hardin Notebook, Edna Pauline
MSS 342   Harris Notebook, Mary Lewis
MSS 343   Lazenby Notebooks, Mary Elinor
MSS 344   McGehee Notebook, Lillian "Lillie" A. Franklin
MSS 345   Williams Notebooks, Anna Meade Michaux
MSS 346   Siske Notebook, Robbie Emily Dunn
MSS 347   Sewing Book, 1893-1894
MSS 348   Glass Scrapbook, Lettie
MSS 349   May Day Pageant Scrapbook
MSS 350   Watkins Notebook, Lottie

MSS 351   Watkins Notebook, Mary C.
MSS 352   Jarvis Notebook, Betty Ann
MSS 353   Beleos Scrapbook, Titsa G.
MSS 354   Bush Scrapbooks, Ellen M.
MSS 355   Ballew Scrapbook, Mary Frances
MSS 356   McBee Scrapbook, Helen E.
MSS 357   Rutherford Scrapbook, Florence
MSS 358   West Scrapbook, Gladys Taylor Hodges
MSS 359   Tennent Scrapbook, Mary Alice
MSS 360   Kemp Papers, Roy Zell

Mss 361   Cheney Papers, Gay
Mss 362   Smith-Soto Papers, Mark
Mss 363   Hagan Papers, Kay
Mss 364   Leonard Collection, Lucile
Mss 365   Smith Scrapbook, Katherine Louise Prestwood
Mss 366   Schiffman Archive, Harold
Mss 367   Bomar Collection, Cora Paul
Mss 368   White Papers, Valeria Ashton Dougall
Mss 369   Drane Papers, Elizabeth Jo Ann Smart
Mss 370   Albergotti Poster, Dan

Mss 371   Russell Collection, Edith
Mss 372   Dickieson Scrapbooks, Anna B. and George
Mss 373   Mullin Papers, Joseph Bartholomew
Mss 375   Jewell Diary, Ruby
Mss 376   Jewell Diary
Mss 377   Doren Collection, Arnold
Mss 378   Sullivan Collection, Patricia
Mss 379   Lach Collection, Fritz
Mss 380   Teller Diaries, Mary E.

Mss 381   Bryce Scrapbook, Dr. George
Mss 382   Earle Diary, Cynthia Jones
Mss 383   Rawlins Papers, Lydia L.
Mss 384   Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Manorville Records
Mss 385   Wing's Soldier's Text-book, S.
Mss 386   Rhoades Scrapbook, Lillian I.
Mss 387   Roberts Papers, Julia
Mss 388   Boyce Papers, Claire Hartsook
Mss 389   Nance Photographs, LaVonne Current
Mss 390   Fisher Collection, Ada M.