Carolina Consortium

Carolina Consortium Deals

Our deals are constantly changing and evolving. But at any given time, the Carolina Consortium has deals on over 100 products from more than 50 vendor/publisher partners. Current offers include ebook packages, streaming video, aggregators, primary resources, reference materials, journal "big deals", transformative deals, numeric databases, discovery tools, subscription agencies, chat reference services, and more. Any NC or SC library can participate in any number of deals.

How the Deals Work

The Carolina Consortium does not pay bills or sign licenses on behalf of member libraries. There are two main types of deals:
  1. Do It Yourself (DIY) deals
  2. Individual libraries can contact our vendor/publisher partners directly and ask for the consortium discount. The partner will then send the invoice and license (if needed) directly to the library. These deals do not usually have a common start date; you can start them whenever you like.
  3. Bulk Discount and Common Start Date Deals
  4. The consortium negotiator collects a list of schools that give a verbal commitent to join a specific deal that starts on a specific date. Schools joining mid-term would pay a prorated subscription in year one. The vendor/publisher partner then sends the invoice and license (if needed) directly to the library. With these sorts of deals, we frequently get greater discounts with higher partipation levels.

Products Currently Available through the Carolina Consortium

This spreadsheet lists all available deals and can be sorted by subject, resource type, publisher, and one-time purchase vs subscription.

Which Members are in Which Consortium Deals?

Use this spreadsheet to determine which deals your library participates in, or to find other consortium libraries who already subscribe to a product in which you are interested.

Finding More Details about Consortium Deals

Deal details such as title lists, costs, begin/end dates, and more, are available to consortium members only via our confidential Box site. Librarians needing access should use their work-related email account to send a request to Tim.

Consortium stance on Open Access, Read and Publish, and other "Transformative" deals

The Carolina Consortium strongly supports Open Access because it ensures the broadest possible dissemination of high quality information. We are currently experimenting with several different OA models and would welcome the opportunity to build OA into more of our consortium deals. Current deals with OA components or discounts include:

Big deal calculator and analysis tool

COVID has wreaked havoc on library budgets, so it is hardly surprising that many consortium libraries have practical questions about leaving big deals. This calculator and analysis tool is intended to help member libraries to better compare their current big deals to the individual journal subscription model, and to suggest some ways to identify which subscriptions a library might want to consider keeping if they are forced to leave a big deal.