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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the honourable the Speaker and Members of the house of Delegates of Virginia
Filing Date:1784-December-3

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Abstract:Sarah Greene and her two children were promised their freedom by their master Rev. Charles Greene, who died before he could execute his promise; the law at the time did not permit emancipation by will. Before he died, he extracted a promise from his wife, also named Sarah Greene, that she would free the slaves. The widow married Dr. William Savage before freeing the slaves, however, and Savage carried her to Ireland and left her while he returned to Virginia. Sarah Greene and her children, now numbering four, were allowed to "enjoy their Liberty for many years" until a relative of Dr. Savage named Rice kidnapped two of her children, carried them to "Carolina," and is now attempting to "carry off your petitioner" and her other two children. The petitioner "humbly hopes that your honble house will pass an act to confirm to herself and Children that Freedom which it was the wish and intention of their Master that they should enjoy. and to which Doctor Savage had himself assented as part of his marriage Contract."
Result:laid on table
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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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