University Libraries, UNC Greensboro - Technology Lending Agreement

A signature indicates that the borrower has read, understands and agrees to abide by this Agreement.

ERASING DATA, SAVING DATA - The Libraries are not responsible for any lost or erased work.

  • Save work to a UNCG approved space or a flash drive. Save early! Save often!
  • All data on laptops is erased when they restart, shut down/hibernate, and when returned.

THEFT, DAMAGE, LOSS - The borrower is responsible for all costs up to and including replacement.

  • Do not leave technology unattended or rely on someone else to return it.

RETURNS, RENEWALS - Return to a person & renew at the desk from which borrowed.

  • Do not place technology in any book drop.
  • Items from the DMC are due 30 minutes before the DMC closes on the stated due date. Items from the Check Out Desk that are due by closing must be returned at least 5 minutes before midnight or any earlier closing time on the stated due date.
  • All items are eligible for renewal one time in person as long as another like item is available.


  • To enable off campus laptop login, login before leaving campus. You can log off afterward.
  • Please charge all camera batteries before returning. They may need to be charged between uses.

LOAN PERIODS, FINE RATES & REPLACEMENT COSTS (add $20.00 processing fee per item):

Item Maximum Replacement Cost
4 HOURS in & out of library - $10/hour 1st 3 hours, $2/hour each additional hour or portion thereof
Calulators $175.00
DVD Players (portable) $65.00
iPads $625.00
Laptops $2,080.00
Wireless Keyboards $90.00
4 HOURS in & out of library - $1/hour 1st hour, .50 each additional hour or portion there of
Cell Phone Chargers $65.00
Headsets $15.00
iPad Adaptors $45.00
Memory Card Readers $25.00
Power Strips $15.00
7 DAYS - $25/day
Camcorders $549.00
Camera Accessories $200.00
Digital Cameras $88.00
GoPro Cameras $480.00
Microphones $170.00
Remote Controls $40.00
Swivl Robotic Camera Controller $600.00
USB Drives $40.00
USB DVD Drives $40.00
Video Converters $80.00
Voice Recorders $225.00
VR Headsets $40.00
Tripods $100.00
Webcams $55.00