Reserving Tables in Jackson Library

The Libraries welcome student organizations and campus offices to host tables to provide information or services in Jackson Library.

Because of high traffic and congestion on our first floor we prefer not to schedule tables for long term or continued use but rather for specific dates a few times a semester.

Offices and organizations wishing to reserve longer time periods are welcome to reserve a display case on the first floor of Jackson Library or contact Elliott University Center Promotional Places.

Topics and themes should focus on academic or student affairs services for UNCG students, faculty and staff.

Tables are provided. All other materials need to be supplied by the office or organization.

Food and beverages are permitted. Beverages should have lids.

All requests to host tables from UNCG or external parties should contact Will Cook, Facilities Manager (, 336.334.3741) or Cathy Griffith, Head, Access Services (, 336.334.5492).