UNCG Libraries International Visiting Librarian Program -- 2009

Ms. Hongxia Dai and Ms. Chiping Ji, September – December 2009

Ms. Hongxia Dai, Associate Director, and Ms. Chiping Ji, Cataloging Librarian from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics University (SUFE) Library, arrived in Greensboro and visited the UNCG Libraries from September through December 2009.

The proposed visiting goals from Ms. Dai and Ms. Ji at the UNCG Libraries were to learn:

  • The physical display of library services (environment, space utilization, facilities, service measures, etc.)
  • The staff management of the library (organizational structure, post designs, staff’s duties, incentive system, performance evaluation, etc.
  • The general management of the library (the procedures to readers, the means of communication with readers, the study of reader’s needs, the responses to reader's inquiries, etc.
  • The service management of the library (the evaluation of library’s service quality, etc.)

The visiting librarians’ learning goals were met through a variety of activities, such as having meetings with the dean, associate/assistant deans, department heads and program coordinators; observing workflows in technical services, reference desks, and library instruction sessions; participating in the meetings of the Libraries’ Administrative Advisory Group (AAG), Collection Management Committee (CMC), departmental meetings, and attending LIS classes as guests. Additionally, more coffee breaks and lunches with the UNCG librarians and library staff were added to provide more opportunities for interaction, connection, and networking. A weekly grocery trip was provided to both guests by Mr. Patrick Burger, Rosann’s husband.

Additionally, Ms. Hongxia Dai gave two presentations to the library staff on marketing library services to users and on campus living in China. The visit of the two librarians was very successful. They highly praised their experience at the UNCG Libraries. Upon their return, they strongly recommended to other librarians to visit UNCG. Here are some of their comments:

"We are meeting with individuals who can help with our research topics, such as assistant deans, department heads, program coordinators, etc. We had the coffee breaks or lunches or dinners with the librarians for more interaction. We attended the public events of the library and some campus activities. We observed library meetings, such as AAG, CMC, and department levels. We observed a LIS class and a student presentation on a marketing class. Those activities helped meet with our learning needs very much."

"The UNCG librarians took us to visit the libraries in NC State University, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Wake Forest University, and Greensboro Public Library. Those visits gave us more learning experience."

"We had a lot of pleasant experience in interacting with librarians, library staff, and LIS professors. Such as Rosann, Sha Li,Kathy,Mike Crumpton,Tim Bucknall , Mary Jane, Gerald, and so on, including everyone with whom we met. These interactions enabled us access to expertise, knowledge, and hospitality from them."

“UNCG library collections are very rich. I found a lot of learning materials which gave me grant help for my research.”

“Hermann gave us a wonderful campus tour. Moreover, we attended some campus activities, such as the blue and gold picnic/benefits fair, IPC Holiday Party, UNCG’s Holiday Reception, and so on. Those enhanced our experience at UNCG.”

“I have observed three classes: Steve’s Marketing Class, Mary Jane and Mac’s Cataloging Class, and Dr. Nora Bird’s Library Science Class. They were wonderful, and I could tell some differences between American instructional contents and methods and those at the Chinese universities.”

“UNCG is really a great place which can provide an ideal space for our research. The pretty campus with the top librarians who helped us achieve our learning goals. The UNCG Libraries’ Planning Team for the Librarians from China did a wonderful job for us. The training activities according to our research topics are very rich and comprehensive. We learned so much, not only achieving our learning goals, but also experiences about culture of United States. It’s a wonderful learning trip for me. So, thanks for everyone who helped us. Thanks for very thing the UNCG librarians did for us.”

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A Tongji University Library Delegation July 2009

On July 20 -21, 2009, the UNCG Libraries welcomed a delegation from the Tongji University Library in Shanghai, China. Led by Dr. Jinhua Shen, Library Director, the Tongji University library’s delegation included Mr. Furong Zeng, Deputy Director, Mr. Zhiming Lu, Head of Circulation Department, and Ms. Hong Wei, Head of Cataloging.

During their visit at UNCG, the members of the delegation had the opportunity of touring the Jackson Library and Harold Schiffman Music Library, meeting with librarians and staff, giving a presentation on library services and programs from at the Tongji University Library, and having a meeting with AAG members at the University Libraries.

More information on the on the visit of the Tongji University Library delegation at http://uncglibprofdev.blogspot.com/search/label/tongji%20university%20library.

Dr. Jinhua Shen’s presentation at the UNCG Libraries at http://uncglibprofdev.blogspot.com/search/label/tongji%20university%20library

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U.S. Ambassador to Moldova, March 2009

Moldovan Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Andrei Galbur, Moldovan Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission, and Major Robert Carver from the Defense Contracts Management Agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, visited the UNCG Libraries. The delegation shared the current state of the North Carolina’s National Guard State Partnership Program with the Republic of Moldova, the civilian leadership of the Bilateral Affairs Committee as well as North Carolina National Guard leadership concerning the Guard’s involvement between the United States and Moldova. Dr. Penelope J. Pynes, Associate Provost for International Programs, Ms. Rosann Bazirjian, Dean of University Libraries, Dr. Sha Li Zhang, Mr. Barry Miller, Ms. Kathy Crowe, and Mr. Mike Crumpton from University Libraries, participated in the meeting with the delegation. Rosann gave the updates on the collaborative initiatives among the five ULAC libraries and the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM). The delegation was very impressed with these initiatives.

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