UNCG Libraries International Visiting Librarian Program -- 2010

Mr. Xiao Chen and Ms. Ling Xu, September – November 2008

Mr. Xiao Chen, Associate Director, and Ms. Ling Xu, Head of Acquisitions from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) Library in China, visited the UNCG Libraries, from September through November 2008. Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, the former Chief of Asian Division at the Library of Congress, recommended the UNCG Libraries as their visiting site in the United States.

The goals for the two librarians’ visit at the UNCG Libraries were to understand issues on library operations and management facing academic libraries in U.S. and best practices in dealing with these issues; observe workflows in cataloging, acquisitions, and reference; establish professional connections and networking, and explore opportunities for further collaboration between the two libraries.

A Planning Team from the UNCG Libraries was formed. The Team helped facilitate activities for the two visiting librarians:

  • Met with Dean of University Libraries and associate/assistant deans
  • Attended AAG and CMC meetings
  • Visited departments at the Libraries
  • Attended departmental meetings
  • Assisted the Cataloging Department with cataloging on Chinese language materials
  • Observed some library instructional sessions
  • Visited with the LIS Department, including meetings with LIS professors and observing LIS classes
  • Gave two public presentations on library development and higher education in China

Other activities included:

  • Gathered with campus Chinese American professors
  • Attended the public events hosted by the Libraries, LIS, and the University on campus.
  • Attended campus tours
  • Attended campus music and performing art events with free passes
  • Visited the NC State Library, NC State University Libraries, UNC Chapel Hill Libraries, and Duke University Business School Library

The University Libraries also provided needed support to the visiting librarians to meet their learning and research needs, such as providing them with access to the research collections on stacks and electronic resources, work space, computers, campus e-mail accounts, access to expertise, knowledge, and hospitality from the librarians and staff, a welcome work environment, and access to the campus public events.

Mr. Xiao Chen and Ms. Ling Xu truly enjoyed their visit at UNCG. On their exit evaluation form, they wrote:

“We have visited a lot of people; they are all very hospitable, and their introductions to the UNCG Libraries’ services and programs are also very professional. It is very obvious that they love what they do very much.”

“The UNCG libraries set up a planning team to help me accomplish my studying schedule. Such as observing AAG meeting, CMC meeting and departmental meetings; visiting each library units and meet with staff; visiting NCSU, Duke University etc. Through these activities, I realized my learning goals on the operation and management of the UNCG libraries.”

“Through the conversation with these people, I feel their hospitalities; they have good educational backgrounds; provide good services to the patrons, and enjoy their work. I have learned much working experiences in the library from them, especially in the acquisition department.”

“I like the campus culture of UNCG very much! The band of the university, the dance of the university, and the various sport activities are making me highly enjoyable! The Harold Schiffman Music Library gave me deep impression. I observed that the library can incorporate the culture of the campus by this way and promote the value of the library in the university campus.”

“I wish eagerly my colleague can continue coming to UNCG and visiting next year. Meanwhile, I would like to introduce UNCG to other academic libraries in China, let them find out about outstanding management and service of UNCG, too. I think that if there is more understanding before coming to UNCG, it will be very helpful to his or her learning and researching. Certainly, if I have any opportunity, I would like to introduce UNCG to the libraries of other countries.”

“I want to say thank you for the Dean of Jackson Library Rosann Bazirjian, Dr. Sha Li Zhang, and the Planning Team. And without your help, I cannot accomplish my studying so smoothly. I’ll introduce the advanced experiences of UNCG to my library.”

“Many Thanks for the Planning Team. Especially, thank Dr. Sha Li Zhang, without her hard work, we can't come to UNCG smoothly, and without her help, I could not well finish two lectures. Finally I must say thanks to Rosann very much. It is her who gave us this visiting opportunity.”

Upon the return of Mr. Xiao Chen and Ms. Ling Xu to Shanghai, China in December 2008, they shared their excellent experience at the UNCG Libraries which enabled the SUFE Library to make decisions to send the second cohort of visiting librarians to UNCG. Ms. Hongxia Dai, Associate Director, and Ms. Chiping Ji, Cataloging Librarian from the SUFE Library, arrived in Greensboro in late September 2009.

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