University Libraries Faculty Research Award

Description: The winner of this award has conducted and published a particularly impressive research project. Ideally, publication of the research results would have been within the last 12 months.

Faculty Research Award Recipients:

  • Candace Jacobs, 2024
  • Melody Rood, 2023
  • Tiffany Henry, 2022
  • Maggie Murphy, 2021

Award Policies:

  • This award includes a $500 cash prize.
  • Awarded annually. However, this award doesn't have to be awarded each year.
  • All UL faculty employees (full time and part time) are eligible after having worked at the UL for at least 24 months. EHRA non-faculty are classified as Faculty and therefore are eligible for this award.
  • No recipient of an award will be considered eligible for the same award in less than a five-year period.
  • A record of award winners is posted on a wall in the first floor of Jackson Library as well as on the library web site. Winners also get a paper certificate.