UNCG Libraries International Visiting Librarian Program

About the Program

The UNCG Strategic Plan 2009-2014 calls for integrating international and intercultural experiences and perspectives into teaching, research and creativity, and services (#5, approved April 16, 2010). Such experiences and perspectives should ensure that faculty, staff, and students have the requisite attitudes and knowledge to interact appropriately and effectively in a culturally diverse global context (#5.4, 2010).

Since 2006 the UNCG Libraries have reached out to international scholars and visiting librarians by giving them the opportunity to network with library faculty and staff and by offering them a venue for sharing their experiences and best practices through lectures and presentations.

Past Visiting Librarians

Visiting Librarian with Provost David

Planning Team

Visiting Librarians with Rosann Bazirjian and Chancellor Brady

Kathy Bradshaw, 2010 – present
Steve Cramer, 2008-2009
Mary Jane Conger, 2008 –present
Mike Crumpton, 2009-present
Sarah Dorsey, 2010 – present
Christine Fischer, 2008 - present
Gerald Holmes, 2008 – present
Melvina Ray-Davis, 2008 –present
Nancy Ryckman, 2010- present