Library Budget Information

Like other campus units, the Libraries are experiencing budget reductions. All of the UNCG Libraries' 2020/21 and 2021/22 budget cuts are being taken from travel, equipment, furniture, supplies, and other operating budget lines, and through the elimination of library positions that are not currently filled. None of the cuts are being applied to the collections budget, which remains at exactly the same level ($4,045,762) as the previous two years. However, because we do not have new money to add to the collections budget, we unfortunately had to cut about $130,000 worth of journals and databases in order to cover inflationary increases in 2020/21. We do not expect to do large scale cancellations during 2021/22, but may have to cancel a few products that have exceptional price increases or large reductions in usage levels.

Despite our budgetary challenges, our collections remain strong. Through data analytics, evidence based acquisitions, and consortial purchasing we are able to spend our collections budget very efficiently. The number of available books and journals continues to grow rapidly, and the usage of our electronic materials is surging. But unfortunately, until the library receives additional ongoing funding, we will not be able to fund faculty requests for new journal or database subscriptions without making commensurate cancellations.

If you would like to request specific one-time purchases or ongoing subscriptions, please contact your library liaison or Tim Bucknall (, Assistant Dean of Libraries.