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87 pp., blueprints, photographs, data. This book was compiled in January 1937, under the supervision of the Guilford County Insurance Commission by the Greensboro Insurance Exchange, High Point Insurance Exchange, and Gibsonville Development Company. It includes photographs and blueprints of county buildings surveyed in 1936. Of particular interest, beginning on page 32, are the school buildings – both white and “colored” – and other school properties (gyms, Teacherages, principal’s homes). Included on the school building surveys is the name of the school’s principal. The buildings and institutions included in this volume are listed below, with the digitized page number following in parentheses:

-- Guilford County Court House (Greensboro, p.2)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Main Bldg. (Jamestown, p.3)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Children’s Bldg. (Jamestown, p.4)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Nurses' Home (Jamestown, p.5)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Colored Ward (Jamestown, p.6)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Employees' Dwelling (Jamestown, p.7)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Servants' House, Garage (Jamestown, p.8)
-- Guilford County Tubercular Sanatorium, Farm (Jamestown, p. 9)
-- Guilford County Home (Greensboro, p.10)
-- Guilford County Dairy Farm, Dairy Barn and Milk House (Greensboro, p.11)
-- Agricultural Building, West Sycamore Street (Greensboro, p.12)
-- County Welfare Building, 202 S. Eugene St. (Greensboro, p.13)
-- County Farm No. 1, Dormitory (Greensboro, p.14)
-- County Farm No. 1, Superintendent's Dwelling (Greensboro, p.15)
-- County Farm No. 1, Horse Barn (Greensboro, p.16)
-- County Farm No. 1, Kitchen and Mess Hall (Greensboro, p.17)
-- County Farm No. 1, Auto Shed and Garage (Greensboro,p.18)
-- County Farm No. 1, Foreman's Dwelling (Greensboro, p.19)
-- County Farm No. 1, Commissary Bldg. (Greensboro, p.20)
-- County Farm No. 2, Dormitory (Gibsonville, p.21)
-- County Farm No. 2, Superintendent's Dwelling (Gibsonville, p.22)
-- County Farm No. 2, Feed and Cow Barn (Gibsonville, p.23)
-- County Farm No. 2, Granary (Gibsonville, p.24)
-- County Farm No. 2 Mule Barn (Gibsonville, p.25)
-- Miscellaneous Buildings Listing (p.26)
-- Livestock (p.28-30)
-- Insurance Survey Document (p.32)
-- Alamance School (p.33)
-- Alamance School-Agricultural Building (p.34)
-- Allen Jay School (p.35)
-- Bessemer School (Greensboro, pp.36-38)
-- Brightwood School (Greensboro, p. 39)
-- Brown Summit Colored School (p.40)
-- Busick School (Monticello p. 41)
-- Ceasar Cone School (Greensboro, p.42)
-- Colfax School (p.43)
-- Florence Colored School (Jamestown, p.44)
-- Gibsonville White School (p.45-48)
-- Gibsonville White School Teacherage (p.47)
-- Gibsonville Colored School (p.49)
-- Guilford School (Guilford College, p.50) , Goshen Colored School (p.51)
-- Jesse Wharton School (Greensboro, p.52)
-- Jamestown School (p.53)
-- Jamestown School Teacherage (p.54)
-- Madison School (Hi-Cone Rd, p.55)
-- McLeansville School (p.56-57)
-- Monticello School (p.58-59)
-- Mt. Zion Colored School (Greensboro, p.60)
-- Nathanael Greene School (Julian, p.61)
-- Oak View School (High Point, p.62)
-- Oak Ridge School (p.63)
-- Oak Ridge Colored School (p.64)
-- Pleasant Garden High School (p.65)
-- Pleasant Garden Elementary School (p.66)
-- Pleasant Garden School Teacherage (p.67)
-- Proximity School (Greensboro, p.68)
-- Rankin School Greensboro (p.69)
-- Sedgefield School (p.71)
-- Stokesdale School (p.72)
-- Sumner School (Greensboro, p.73)
-- Summerfield School (p.74)
-- Summerfield Colored School (p.75)
-- Union Hill School (High Point, p.76)
-- Whitsett School (p.77)
-- Woodyside Colored School (Guilford College, p.78)
-- Goshen Colored School Greensboro (p.80)
-- Monticello School Principal's Home (p.81)
-- Monticello School Teacherage (p.82)
-- Monticello School Gymnasium (p.83)
-- Nathanael Greene School Gymnasium (Julian, p.84)
-- Summerfield School Agricultural Building (p.85-86)
-- Sumner School Gymnasium (Greensboro, p.87)

Collection: Rare Book Coll. 2001.51.1 (Greensboro History Museum)

Subjects: Education, Elementary -- North Carolina -- Greensboro; Education, Secondary -- North Carolina -- Greensboro; Greensboro (N.C.) -- History -- 20th century;

This book is a collection of reading selections compiled by a Mrs. Matty Johnson in 1922 for children in the first to tenth grades of the Greensboro City Schools. The book begins with a list of all selections in alphabetical order. The writings are assembled by grade level, and these sections start with a title list. The first grade selections include a collection of nursery rhymes not mentioned in the section’s list. The writings are pulled from many legendary sources of English literature ranging from William Shakespeare to the King James Bible. (JS)

Collection: Rare Book Coll. 2013.37.1 (Greensboro History Museum)

Subjects: Education, Elementary -- North Carolina -- Greensboro;

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