Textiles, Teachers, and Troops


Context: Greensboro, 1880-1945

Everyday life changed dramatically in Greensboro between Reconstruction and World War II. Its transformation from a small town to one of the state's largest cities was accompanied was accompanied by a major expansion of commercial, residential, and cultural facilities.

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All Items

All items related to the general history of Greensboro between 1880 and 1945.

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Aerial Photos

Aerial photographs of Greensboro, college campuses, and ORD/BTC-10.

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Stores, hotels, theatres, and views of downtown Greensboro.

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City Directories

The full content of city directories from Greensboro, including people, businesses, and other information about the city.

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Historical maps of Greensboro.

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Includes the Greensboro Patriot and other Nineteenth Century papers as well as the ORD/BTC-10 papers from World War II.

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Sports were a major part of the textile mill, miltary, and educational cultures in Greensboro.

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War Effort at Home

Material related to the home front and Greensboro's work to help the war effort, including the USO, was bond sales, etc.

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