PRIDE! Of the Community

PRIDE! Of the Community

PRIDE! of the Community is an ongoing project documenting LGBTQ+ history in the Triad.

See all the items we have digitized for the project so far.

“PRIDE! Of the Community: Documenting LGBTQ History in the Triad” is the first large-scale initiative to document the LGBTQ+ history of the Triad region of North Carolina. We are currently holding scanning events in Greensboro and other Triad communities, and we will be inviting you to bring in materials that document LGBTQ+ social life, history, activism, organizations, and businesses. We will scan materials and make them available on the web for others to see and use. We will also give you a copy of the digital files if you like.

Our next event is scheduled for Friday 3 August 2018 at College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro.

What types of materials are we interested in?

Basically anything unique than documents some aspect of LGBTQ+ history in the Triad. Examples might include photographs, T-shirts, organizational newsletters and records, bar flyers, protest signs, letters and postcards, and other personal and unique items. We’re especially interested in documenting nightlife, political events, marches, and social gatherings that may or may not have been covered in other resources.

What are we NOT interested in?

We can’t really used mass-produced magazines and newspapers (such as The Front Page, Q-Notes, or The Advocate) due to copyright issues and also due to the fact that many of these materials are already available online. But we would be interested in seeing older newsletters from clubs and organizations and other less common items.

If you have a lot of material, particularly things related to one specific business or organization, we might be able to arrange a separate session with you rather than having you come to one of our events.

We can also work with you on ways to help your preserve your materials or help you find a library or archives which might be interested in receiving them as a donation. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Do you have materials that might be of interest? We’d like to talk to you!

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Phone: 336.256.2606