Request Checked Out Materials

This service is available only to UNCG students, faculty, staff, and Community Borrowers.

When searching the Libraries' catalog, you may find that needed items are checked out. You may place a request to have these items held for you when they are returned by either:

  • Clicking on the Place Hold button found in the Availability listing for checked out items. You will be asked to enter your My Library Account username and password.
  • Filling out a Hold Request card at the Check Out Desk.

Holds are subject to the following:

  • Holds for Entertainment DVDs are limited to 4 per person at one time.
  • Holds prevent items from being renewed. No notification that the item has been requested is sent to the current borrower prior to the attempt to renew.
  • Requested items are not recalled from borrowers unless to go on reserve for classes taught at UNCG, in which case all other holds are cancelled. (To request that a checked out item be placed on reserve, instructors should submit a request to place the item on reserve.)
  • Holds placed by UNCG students, faculty and staff are filled in the order placed. Holds placed by Community Borrowers are filled in the order placed after all other holds are filled.
  • Upon return, most requested items are placed on hold for 7 days; DVDs are held for 3 days. Pick up notifications are emailed to UNCG email accounts, or to the email address used when registering as a Community Borrowers.

Can’t Wait for the Item to be Returned?

All borrowers are subject to these policies:

  • All requested items are subject to immediate recall for course reserves and other extreme circumstances as determined by Access Services Staff.
  • Recalled items are assigned a Recall Due Date that may supersede the original due date. Not returning items by the Recall Due Date may result in:
    • Loss of borrowing and renewing privileges until the items are returned or replaced.
    • A non-negotiable, non-refundable $75.00 fee per item added to the borrower's library account. This fee is in addition to any overdue fines and billing fees owed based on the original due date.

Important Notes:

  • Items with due dates but no Place Hold button cannot be requested online or in person.
  • UNCG faculty and staff can request Campus Book Delivery of books within the Jackson and Schiffman Music Libraries with the status of “Available” by filling out an Interlibrary Loan request form and selecting “Request a Book Delivery”.
  • Holds cannot be placed on items with the status “Available”.  If an “Available” item is not found on the shelf, see Requests for Missing Materials or ask at the Check Out Desk for assistance.
  • You may not be the first in line to receive a requested item. You can see your order in the hold queue in by viewing your library account or by contacting the Check Out Desk.
  • Patrons may cancel their requests on the Holds tab in My Library Account  or by contacting the Check Out Desk.
  • When items requested by patrons are recalled for reserves, requesting patrons will be notified that the item is on reserve and may be borrowed at the Check Out Desk for the assigned reserve loan period.


Please contact the Libraries if you have any questions or concerns. We will be glad to try to assist you.