Oaks of the Southeastern United States, Visual Identification Key

Created by Rebecca Dellinger-Johnston and Dr. Bruce Kirchoff
contact us: kirchoff (at) uncg.edu 

This identification key covers the 42 oaks native or naturalized to the Southeast United States.
The key is designed to help identify oaks using pictures of living oak leaves.
To use the key click on the number above the image that most closely resembles your unknown, as shown in the EXAMPLE below. Each image represents a visual concept of the species covered in that part of the key. Choose a link based on the similarity of your unknown to one of the composite images. For instance, in the example below click on 1a if your unknown has linear leaves or leaves with minor lobes, and on 1b if your unknown has leaves with more substantial lobes. Some species come out two places in the key, so do not worry about making wrong choices, just follow your visual instincts. 

1a 1b
If you feel that you have made a mistake at any point you can click your browser's back arrow to return to the previous page, or click the "Back to Start" link in the upper right corner of the page to return to the beginning of the key.
Click the link below to begin identifying your sample.