Information for Users

Goals and objectives of the tutorial
After completing this tutorial you should be able to:
  1. determine an appropriate research question
  2. choose keywords and find relevant information
  3. identify and select the right type of information and sources
  4. compose and revise effective search strategies
  5. search for materials in our library collections
  6. understand the difference between popular and scholarly journal articles
  7. evaluate websites for appropriateness as information sources
  8. recognize the importance of documenting sources
  9. identify and recognize the importance of documenting sources
  10. cite sources in APA or MLA style using simple examples
How the tutorial works
The tutorial is divided into 10 modules. Each module is self-contained and can be done individually. The modules are arranged in a logical progression and build on one another, so we recommend that you go through them in sequence unless you just need to brush up on one or two topics. We recommend you start with the User Admin page and log in using your Novell username and password. You then take a short quiz to determine areas for improvement or review, and concentrate on those modules only, or complete all 10 modules regardless. You can come back any time and log in to see your progress so far and continue the tutorial. Each module concludes with a brief mini-quiz to allow you to measure how well you have mastered the material. After completing all modules you’ll end with a final quiz. At any time you may click on the User Admin page to track your progress and use the Email button to send a message to yourself or your professor indicating you have completed some or all modules.
If you have questions about the material in the tutorial, please feel free to contact Beth Filar Williams, For tech help try the Library IT department ERIT at 336-334-4238.
System Requirements
The tutorial will be viewable in the following browsers: Firefox 3.0+, IE 7+, Safari 4+, Chrome 6, and Opera 10. Some of the graphics in the tutorial may require more load time. The tutorial may also include some flash movies requiring the shockwave plug-in to view, but viewing these movies will be optional so that if a student does not have the plug-in or the bandwidth to view the movie, they won't be penalized.This tutorial also uses javascript, cookies, and cascading style sheets. If you have this functionality in your browser turned off, the tutorial will not function correctly.