Faculty Research Rooms

There are sixty-four Faculty Research Rooms located throughout the tower floors of Jackson Library along the south wall. Rooms are typically equipped with a small desk area, shelves, and a data port. These rooms have wireless access as well.

Faculty Research Rooms are intended to provide faculty with a convenient location within the library for conducting research work and are not meant to be substitute offices or auxiliary workspace.

Due to high demand, Faculty Research Rooms are assigned by the semester/academic year. To request a Faculty Research Room, please send an email to Laath.Martin@uncg.edu stating your research space need and semester(s) in which you need the room.

Requests are processed in the order they are received and prioritized based on research need, with consideration given for grandfathering of previous policies.

When assignments are made, keys will be issued from a Master Lock Box located in the Library. Keys should be returned to the Check Out Desk, Jackson Library when room assignments end.