DMC: Spaces and Reservations

Spaces & Reservations

The DMC offers spaces for digital making and collaboration, as well as group and individual study. Some rooms can be reserved (click the title of room to begin the reservation process):

3D Design Lab

3D Design Lab - Provides digital making tools such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, electronics kits, and the expertise to help complete modeling and electronics projects. Short training session required to use the space. No food or drinks allowed.

Video, Imaging, Audio Lab

VIA Lab - The Video, Imaging, Audio Lab contains all the equipment you’ll need to create professional level studio photography, videos, and audio projects. A Green Screen wall, studio lighting, microphones, audio mixer, and a DSLR camera are provided for the space. Short training session required to use the space. No food or drinks allowed.

Gaming Lab

Gaming Lab - The Gaming lab is a space dedicated to video gaming. Contains four Xbox 360 consoles (including one with Kinect), one PS4, and one Xbox One. Check out our video games! No food or drinks allowed.

Presentation Practice Room

Presentation Practice Room - Patrons can practice, record, and playback their presentations. Can be used for group study. Includes a workstation, projector and camera. Holds 6 to 8. No food or drinks allowed.

Consultation Rooms

Consultation Rooms - Ideal for collaborative digital projects. Rooms contain workstations, large monitors, and wireless keyboards and mouse. Holds 4 to 6.

Media Rooms

Media Rooms - Each features a workstation with dual monitors and digital design software. Door to the room can be closed for privacy and audio editing. Holds 1 to 2. No food or drinks allowed.

Computer Workstations

Workstations - Dual screen computer monitors, available by walk-in only. Note: not equipped with speakers, bring your own headphones or checkout headphones from our service desk.

Contact Us:

Location: Lower level of the Jackson Library
Email: (best to contact via email)
Phone 336.256.1381