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PAR Number 20285515

State: Arkansas Year: 1855
Location: Phillips Location Type: County

Abstract: Levisa Pillow petitions for an injunction to restrain her husband, or his creditors, from interfering with her property, asking that a receiver be appointed to manage the property. She also asks for a divorce. Prior to their marriage in 1853, Levisa Pillow and Wilson D. Dobbin signed a prenuptial agreement whereby "the joint property of the two shall be used and controlled by them mutually during the time that they may continue to live and cohabit together as Husband and wife." At the time of the marriage, Levisa (as a feme sole) owned property worth about $40,000, consisting of "a valuable plantation, Negroes, stock farming utensils and wild Lands." With an income of six or seven thousand dollars a year, the couple could support themselves in "magnificent style." Wilson D. Dobbin had no property. Levisa, now old and feeble, alleges that she soon found her new husband to be a habitual drunkard and a profligate spendthrift who, within a short time, wasted most of her estate so that she is now unable to buy supplies or to feed the thirty slaves on the plantation. She also claims that Wilson uses violent language, has, on several occasions, punched her "bruising her person most shamefully." Related documents reveal that Levisa Dobbin died while her suit was pending.

PAR Number 20285516

State: Arkansas Year: 1855
Location: Phillips Location Type: County

Abstract: Repeating much of the charges made in her related original divorce suit, Levisa Dobbin states that the behavior of her husband of two years, Wilson D. Dobbin, has deteriorated in recent months. In her original suit, Levisa provided the court with a long list of her husband's mismanagement and squandering of her property. She now reiterates those charges and documents in great details mental and physical abuses perpetrated by her husband on her person, on the person of her friends and relatives, as well as the violence inflicted upon her slaves. Dobbin struck Levisa's grown stepdaughter with a "violent blow in her face with his fist and threatened to drive her from the plantation;" he whipped Levisa's slaves for petty offenses or for following her directions; and he threatened to deprive Levisa of a house servant and a riding horse. When Levisa ordered the foreman to whip a black man who sneaked into her stepdaughter's bedroom to be with the Negro girl sleeping there, Wilson countermanded the order and severely whipped the foreman. In fact, Dobbin has been guilty of "many acts of cruelty toward the negroes." Such cruelty, Levisa believes, may cause slaves to run away. Indeed, she believes that he has actually ordered slaves to run away "rather than obey the orders of your Oratrix." Levisa Dobbin again asks that a receiver be appointed to take care of her plantation and other property, including slaves. Related documents reveal that Levisa died while her suit was pending.

PAR Number 20482704

State: District of Columbia Year: 1827
Location: Washington Location Type: County

Abstract: Catherine Foxall, wife of the late Henry Foxall, seeks to settle a title dispute over two slaves, Tom Dorsey and Richard Baize. Dorsey and Baize were purchased for specified terms of service to work in Henry Foxall's baking business and trustees for the estate have kept the slaves employed in that capacity. However, Catherine "conceives she is entitled to said Richd Baize under the Will for the residue of his time of servitude, and also wages from the Trustees for his and Dorsey's services from said Henry Foxall's death at ten dollars per month for each." Despite her requests, the trustees continue to claim the slaves for the business. She prays the court will settle this dispute.

PAR Number 20583003

State: Florida Year: 1830
Location: St. Johns Location Type: County

Abstract: Robert and Maria Delony ask that Maria's inheritance, currently held by her mother, Margaret Baird Miller, be released and that the said Margaret be required to give an account of the estate. The plaintiffs submit that Maria's father, the late James Baird, left several slaves and other property to his wife and two daughters. As the daughters were minors, the property was managed by Baird's widow, Margaret. Margaret Baird subsequently married Robert Miller, who assumed control of James Baird's estate. The Delonys claim a right to two-thirds of the estate due to the death of Ann Elizabeth O'Neal, Maria's sister.

PAR Number 20583702

State: Florida Year: 1837
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: George, Martin, and James Cameron, minor heirs of Jane Evans, seek a settlement of their late mother's estate. They charge that Alfred Evans, her second husband, has appropriated and mismanaged the estate that Jane brought to the marriage, which was "secured to her in fee simple, from any claim the Defendant might have from his intermarriage." They ask the court to subpoena Alfred Evans to account for Jane's estate, including the slaves. They further ask for an injunction restraining Evans from leaving the state.

PAR Number 20584406

State: Florida Year: 1844
Location: Jefferson Location Type: County

Abstract: James M. Kelly, a resident of Georgia, is the trustee of Susan Germany's separate estate, which includes eleven slaves. As Susan and William Germany now live in Florida, Kelly states that "it is impracticable for him" to fulfill his duties, being "upwards of one hundred and fifty miles from said property." He asks the court to appoint John W. Argyle, who is qualified to serve as trustee and who has agreed to accept the appointment.

PAR Number 20584411

State: Florida Year: 1844
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: In 1844, Jesse M. Robinson purchased "a certain negro girl named Judah aged about thirteen years" from Rutha Ann Alberson Burnett and her husband, Samuel W. Burnett and Jesse Atkinson, trustee of said Rutha Ann. Judah remained in Robinson's possession until she was seized by the marshal under an order issued in favor of James Newby against Rutha Ann's late husband, Joseph Alberson, to satisfy debts owed to Newby by Alberson's estate. Robinson seeks an injunction against the sale of Judah and a settlement of the dispute by the court.

PAR Number 20584503

State: Florida Year: 1845
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: James T. Archer, administrator of the estate of the late Jane Gillison, seeks to settle claims against the estate in order to make a final distribution. The plaintiff states that Sarah Beck, one of the siblings and heirs of Jane Gillison, desires a distribution of the slaves in the estate because she has no other means of support. Her husband James L. Beck is insolvent and has filed for bankruptcy. She desires that her distribution be placed in her trust estate for her support and for the support and education of her children.

PAR Number 20584609

State: Florida Year: 1846
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: Thaddeus D. Vanhorn joins heirs of the late Daniel Faust in seeking assistance in dividing said estate. They report that Faust died intestate leaving seven slaves and property for distribution among his children and widow, Mary Ann, the administratrix of said estate. The petitioners complain that Mary Ann has kept the estate property for her individual use and has failed to distribute it. They further note that the widow has since intermarried with Joseph C. Osborn, and they argue that Osborn should not be managing any property, "least of all-of negro slaves to whom he has proven himself a cruel and unnecessarily severe master." Complaining that Mary Ann Osborn has been named as trustee over property included in a marriage settlement between Vanhorn and his wife, the petitioners assert that said Mary Ann is an unfit trustee judging from her mismanagement of her late husband's estate. They petition the court to remove her as trustee and to order a full account of the Faust estate accompanied by an equitable distribution of the property among the heirs.

PAR Number 20584701

State: Florida Year: 1847
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: Elvira Lang, by her next friend James T. Archer, seeks an injunction against her husband, Thomas Lang, restraining him from removing, selling, or using the personal property set aside as her separate estate; she also asks that a new trustee be appointed to administer it. The plaintiff states that at the time of her marriage with Thomas Lang a marriage deed was executed granting her separate interest in a trust estate, which included slaves. The property was her dower from the estate of her first husband, James D. Bullock. The trust is currently administered by James A. Berthlott, who is sick and unable to manage it properly. She further explains that she was forced to separate from her husband following his "unkind, abusive & insulting" treatment. Elvira Lang charges that her husband refuses to surrender her property and threatens to leave the state with slaves belonging to her estate.

PAR Number 20585209

State: Florida Year: 1852
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: John B. and Elizabeth A. Keen “entered into a contract of marriage” whereby a female slave named Eliza was conveyed to Alfred A. Fisher “in trust for complainants during their joint lives." The Keens now seek authorization to sell Eliza and use the money to buy a house and lot, to be held in trust by Fisher for themselves and their daughter Ellen. They report that John is "greatly afflicted" and desires this sale because he is "feeble and unable to" provide the funds through his own industry. The petitioners reveal that Eliza "does not have children, although she is about twenty eight years of age, and has for several years been married. She will therefore constantly diminish in value during the lives of your orator and oratrix" and may be "of little value or no value" to their child Ellen upon their deaths. They therefore request that their trustee "be authorized and instructed to sell said slave, and to invest the proceeds of said sale in the purchase of said house and lot."

PAR Number 20585502

State: Florida Year: 1855
Location: Marion Location Type: County

Abstract: Alexander and Anne McDonell inform the court that before their marriage in 1830, in the state of Georgia, "an Indenture by way of Marriage Settlement was made between your petitioners whereby certain property, consisting of lands negroes &c lying and being at said time in the aforesaid state of Georgia which were left to your petitioner Anne Elizabeth McDonell by will from her father" were "conveyed and delivered" to trustees in the state of Georgia for the benefit of her and her children. Noting that “the said property in said deed mentioned consists at present of negroes only,” they ask the court to appoint George Helvenston as trustee in the state of Florida, where they now reside.

PAR Number 20585505

State: Florida Year: 1855
Location: Leon Location Type: County

Abstract: Joseph H. Alston, having "attained to years of discretion," requests that the court appoint commissioners "to make a just and equitable division" of slaves in the estate of Mary H. Alston Butler, his late mother. He states that his mother executed a trust estate for herself and her children and conveyed the property in question to Sampson H. Butler to manage for the use and benefit of her family. Following her marriage to Butler, he gained possession of the estate and fulfilled his duties as trustee. Since the death of Mary and Sampson Butler, the property has been in the possession of Governor James E. Broome.

PAR Number 20585902

State: Florida Year: 1859
Location: Alachua Location Type: County

Abstract: John and Sarah Paulling Lewis ask for an order setting aside an "Indenture of Deed" made by Sarah to Benjamin and Musco Boulware; they wish to recover personal property, including slaves, mistakenly conveyed to the Boulwares in the indenture. The petitioners purport that Sarah "did not read or have read for her or in her hearing the said deed" and that "it was not her intention or desire to dispose of her said property to the said Benjamin and Musco Boulware ... as Trustees in such a manner as to deprive her of the possession & management of the slaves herein above named ... but that she desired to execute & thought she was executing an instrument of writing, which would give her the separate & entire right to own in her own name free of her intended husband ... the property specified." Stating that "it is now & has always been their desire to have the possession of the slaves," the Lewises pray that the Boulwares be decreed to return said property, which they have refused to do.

PAR Number 20682610

State: Georgia Year: 1826
Location: Jones Location Type: County

Abstract: John C. Holcomb petitions to settle a dispute regarding the estate of his sister, Charity Garrett Tufts. When Charity married Francis Tufts in 1819, the two entered into a marriage contract whereby Holcomb became the trustee of Charity's property. Francis would hold a life estate in Charity's estate, and after his death, the property would revert to Charity's "right heirs." The contract also stipulated that Tufts "should in no wise alienate or change" the property, consisting of a tract of land in South Carolina and slaves valued in 1826 at $5,000. At the time of the marriage, Tufts took possession of the property, and in 1824, Charity died leaving one child. Now Tufts refuses to deliver a copy of the marriage contract to Holcomb, who fears that Tufts will attempt to violate the agreement by taking absolute possession of the property. Holcomb asks that Tufts be enjoined from doing so, and that he be compelled to deliver a copy of the contract. He also asks that the sheriff "arrest the body of said Francis Tufts and him safely to confine to the common Jail of said county until he shall deliver up to your orator the instrument in writing aforesaid and give bond and security" for the forthcoming of the estate upon Tufts's death.

PAR Number 20684714

State: Georgia Year: 1847
Location: Tattnall Location Type: County

Abstract: The heirs of Colson Grooms, deceased, agreed to settle a dispute over the estate by arbitration. The arbitrators granted to Lydia, Grooms's widow, 100 acres of land and three slaves, Rosetta and her two infant children, owned by Lydia before her marriage. Lydia Grooms was given the responsibility of paying the debts of the estate. The remainder of the estate was cooperatively divided among the other heirs. Nancy Blocker, Colson's daughter, received a tract of land and a slave, "separate and apart from the use or contract of her husband Jacob Blocker or any liabilities for his debts." Now, say the petitioners, Jacob Blocker and the two other defendants propose to sell the land, refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the settlement. The petitioners seek an injunction to prevent sale of the property and ask the court to appoint John Grooms as trustee of Nancy Blocker's inheritance. They also seek a decree confirming the legality of the settlement.

PAR Number 20684818

State: Georgia Year: 1848
Location: Coweta Location Type: County

Abstract: In 1842, Clarisy West entrusted her property comprised of eight slaves, a cotton plantation, real estate, and livestock to Lewis Lackey, now deceased, to be kept separate from the property of her husband, Charles West. Edward Broughton, administrator of the estate of Lewis Lackey, states that the Wests took advantage of Lackey, who was "ignorant & subject to intoxication" and persuaded him to sign nine promissory notes amounting to $850. The Wests have now initiated a suit against Broughton to collect the debt from the estate. Broughton avers that the notes are fraudulent. He asks the court to cancel the notes.

PAR Number 20685312

State: Georgia Year: 1853
Location: Chatham Location Type: County

Abstract: In 1843, three slaves and their increase were entrusted to John Broughton and Jacob Chadburn for Mary E. A. Brown and her heirs. More than a decade passed between the death of the trustees and the appointment of John Guilmartin to take their place. He states here that during that time the slaves were neglected and that now, "many of them are old Sickly and infirm a great majority of them are Small children and instead of being a source of income are an absolute Expense to the trust Estate[.] The few Negroes who might Be profitable are of such Bad character in Consequence of their having been so long without Control that they Cannot Be hired to advantage." He seeks permission to sell the slaves and to invest the profits in other property.

PAR Number 20685401

State: Georgia Year: 1854
Location: Chatham Location Type: County

Abstract: James Speights, trustee of slaves conveyed to him in the marriage settlement of Patrick and Mary Ryan, has recently died. The Ryans seek appointment of William Harty as trustee.

PAR Number 20685408

State: Georgia Year: 1854
Location: Jones Location Type: County

Abstract: Previously, Frances Paul filed for a divorce from Charles Paul. Now she petitions that because he has complete possession of all of her property -- including several slaves, land, furniture, and livestock -- she is left with no means of support. She seeks temporary alimony until her divorce petition is heard.

PAR Number 20685504

State: Georgia Year: 1855
Location: Richmond Location Type: County

Abstract: Thomas H. Burns, "survivor of the late firm of Aikens & Burns, merchants and traders," seeks reparations for "Two hundred and fifty six Dollars and Eight cents besides interest for goods and wares and merchandise" he has given to Walter S. Nott, trustee of the estate of Savannah Nott. Burns maintains that the estate has sufficient assets, including thirty-three slaves as well as land.

PAR Number 20685708

State: Georgia Year: 1857
Location: Floyd Location Type: County

Abstract: Thomas Berrien and Patrick Noble have served as trustees of Catherine Jane Berrien's estate, which includes twenty-three slaves. Berrien states that he is "of an advanced age and is too old and feeble to bestow proper care and attention upon the management of the foregoing property." He seeks his dismissal as trustee and the appointment of James W. M. Berrien in his place.

PAR Number 20685814

State: Georgia Year: 1858
Location: Wayne Location Type: County

Abstract: Jane Elizabeth Hopkins states that she owned ten slaves prior to her marriage with Thomas S. Hopkins. These were in a trust administered by her father, Henry G. Gignilliat, who has since died. She seeks the appointment of "O C Hopkins of the County of McIntosh" as trustee of this property.

PAR Number 20685910

State: Georgia Year: 1859
Location: Pulaski Location Type: County

Abstract: Thomas Rutherford petitions on behalf of his wife, Missouri Rutherford, for the appointment of himself as his wife's trustee. Missouri Rutherford's trust estate includes six slaves.

PAR Number 20685914

State: Georgia Year: 1859
Location: Pulaski Location Type: County

Abstract: When Mary Jane Pickett married Thomas L. Taylor her property was placed in trust with her husband. Thomas Taylor wishes to be relieved of this responsibility and the petitioners request that Warren D. Wood be appointed in his place. The property consists of eighteen slaves, "five hundred and eighty acres of land, one buggy, notes and money amounting to the sum of Twenty Thousand dollars."

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