Race and Slavery Petitions Project

List of Defendants in Petition 20184411

People Listing

NameRole in PetitionEnslavement StatusColorGenderAgeBirthDeathOwned slaves?Occupation
DILLARD, Gastondefendant whitemale  
DILLARD, Mary Ann Elizabeth Grigsbydefendant whitefemale  
GLASS, Sarah Rhyden Grigsbydefendant whitefemale  
GLASS, Thomasdefendant whitemale  
GRIGSBY, Anne Elyn Mariahdefendant whitefemale  
GRIGSBY, Lemuel Zachiusdefendant whitemale  
GRIGSBY, Levi Manningdefendant whitemale  
GRIGSBY, Luke Manningdefendant whitemale  
GRIGSBY, Samuel M.defendant whitemale Yes. 
GRISGBY, Samuel Robertdefendant whitemale