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List of Other People in Petition 21384649

People Listing

NameRole in PetitionEnslavement StatusColorGenderAgeBirthDeathOwned slaves?Occupation
BLACK, Joseph W.  whitemale Yes. 
BOLTON, Samuel R.  whitemale Yes. 
GAFFNEY, Peter  whitemale Yes. 
GEIGER, Henry  whitemale Yes. 
HOUSE, Jesse  whitemale Yes. 
SMILEY, William  whitemale  in 1841Yes. 
Estate of SMILEY, William  whitemale  in 1841Yes. 
TAYLOR, S.  whitemale Yes.physician
WADE, Thomas H.  whitemale Yes. 
WILLIAMS, Green K.  whitemale Yes. 
WOOD, W. J.  whitemale Yes.