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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Hon Henry Dickinson Vice Chancellor of the State of Mississippi (DICKINSON, Henry)
Filing Date:1852-October-1
Ending Date:1852-November-11

General Petition Information

Abstract:Noting that she married Leonard Campbell on 27 May 1841 in Alabama, Elizabeth Pierce Campbell charges that Leonard has committed adultery with several women, including Sarah (a female slave owned by a Mrs. Sparkman) and Henrietta (a slave woman owned by a Mrs. Goodman). In addition, she reveals that her husband "has confessed to your Oratrix that he has at sundry times committed adultery with lewd women and common prostitutes in the city of New Orleans." Elizabeth further insists that her husband "has almost entirely abandoned his lawful employment and has consorted with gamblers and drunkards." Lamenting that Leonard "has led such a dissolute life of dissipation and debauchery that your Oratrix has been compelled to separate herself from said deft for the last two years," the petitioner prays that she be granted a divorce, guardianship of their child, and alimony.
# of Petition Pages:3
Related Documents:Subpoena, Leonard Campbell, 1 October 1852; Sheriff's Return, 5 October 1852; Order, 11 November 1852; Decree, 11 November 1852; Certification, 20 April 1853
Pages of Related Documents:2

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Citation Information

Repository: Billups-Garth Archives, Lowndes County Public Library, Columbus, Mississippi

  • Records of the Chancery Court, Minutes 1845/-1853/5
  • Page: 517-521

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