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Salutation:To the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assemble met
Filing Date:1812-January-15

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Abstract:Quakers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the eastern part of Maryland request that special attention be given to laws restricting the freedom of free people of color. They "apprehend on a view of them it may readily be perceived by the Legislature, that they are not only partial in their nature, but in their practical operation, calculated to produce in many instances grievous suffering; and in some cases too, where the Individuals whom they affect, have not been charged with the commission of any crime." They respectfully request "your renewed serious consideration on the subject."
Result:Senate: read, referred to committee
# of Petition Pages:6
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Citation Information

Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware

  • General Assembly, Legislative Papers
  • Page: 283-288
  • Microfilm: 283-288

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