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State:North Carolina
Salutation:To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina
Filing Date:1816-November-21

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Abstract:Thirty-two "Owners & Mariners in a portion of the Shiping of this State" seek the repeal of an act passed in 1812 that prohibits slaves from being employed as pilots. They point out that at that time "the probability being much greater that a slave might be reduced to pilot an enemy into port than that a free man should commit such a crime." The petitioners counter, however, that, in a time of peace, "it will be not only safe, but advantageous to permit Slaves to be licensed as pilots," as "the persons of that description employed as pilots being generally well qualified, skillful & hardy" were certified by the Commissioners of Navigation. They therefore pray "that the said act may be repealed."
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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina

  • General Assembly, Session Records

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